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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How does an artist do it? Fullfill her obligations and stay true to herself?

Here's the little tag I made for the spread. See it says Zee Bull which goes with the second page of my spread. Plus the Asparagus behind the bull. I hope Christy gets my sense of humor and attempt at integrity to my own belief system. I love playing with other artists themes even if they aren't exactly what I would chose for myself.

I was a teen during the 70's, so what's your sign baby was a line I heard once too often. I really did give this answer too! I would say asparagus and the guy would usually look all baffled and perplexed. I don't believe in following the stars as a means of understanding my world so always felt it was a bit of hooey or even against what God wanted for me. Coarse I wasn't always where I should have been either like a place where men would ask such sillyness. Anyways some would know right away I was playing around and others who had no idea what the signs were even all about would just go along with it. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! If they asked me more I would have an opening to talk about what my belief system really was, that usually scared em away fast! Or sometimes not. So I looked up Asparagus and found out quite a bit about this vegitable. Was surprised to find out that Ben Frankiln wrote about it too!

While keeping a sense of humor and pleasing the person she's sending her art of to. Is it even possible this day and age to be A Christian and still play well with others? Well I'm not sure but I do my best. Hence this spread.

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