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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Holidays!

And here are my completed whole Snow Women. One is for Auntie Nancy and one for moi! They are alspo paper macheed and lace added!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Finished my paper machee snowman heads!

 Don't they look like fun all hanging out together on these branches!!!! I gave six away on Thanksgiving day to my family members and our familys closest friends. Everybody loved getting one!
 I made some for a couple of friends I am swapping ornaments with over on the Stampmajic group.

Here's my youngest he loved himself in this picture of his latest creation "ROBOT BOY"!

The heads are paper machee as are the hats, the underneath part of the head is a Styrofoam ball and the hat is shaped cardboard as is the nose.All paper macheed over with flour and glue and newspaper and then some clay paper for smoothing after which I sanded and sanded. Then I painted and made some polymer bits, the mouth is red and white rolled and cut, and the eyes are a glistening black to make coal shapes, those are glued down before the glitter is applied to the snowball part, had to go extra thick with the glue around the eyes and mouths.  I used a special tweed like material for the hat belts, am waiting for cabochons I ordered as a pias de la resistance.   

 I found the nests at AC MOORES as well as the birds which came 6 in a box there was only one box of each color left so I got them both!

 In between the hat and nest I carefully stuffed a synthetic moss I purchased at the local dollhouse store. I could call this a seven layered snowman ornament! But don't eat it!

 Lastly I went into our woods and chose the twigs I thought might look best the arms kind of make them Cookey because the arms come out of the head and integrate the nest nicely with the twigs and bring these little gems together well.  I got my original idea from Gena Boon Curtis, she made the neatest snowball heads last year. I have more I want to make but need to see Gena's again!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I had these black on white scratch art cards and finally decided it was time to use some...

Cabin in the Wood
This one has some paint over lay it's titled, Color in Darkness

This one is, Goodnight Oldman.

Tis is an ink sketch of a combination of cats, I started with Grayson and had to finish with Mokey. Sometimes furry models don't hold still for long.

Negative Spaces

Moments of Insanity

Scratching at the Moon

Woodland Path at Night

This is an acrylic painting of one of the neighborhood right after the Halloween storm, for fun I added some glitter. Titled it Glistening Bog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well I took my painting to the Clubhouse!

I was a little nervous they might find my wrapped canvas too creepy or frightening to hang but after I read my spiel to them what it was about and revealed my piece they actually loved it!!!

It was a joyful relief to have my art excepted and really be liked. Even more so for some reason then some sales. Maybe because this piece is such a piece of who I am
 who we are mankind and his dilemma to seek acceptance of an unconditional kind.
 I know I have Gods' love and unconditional acceptance but have rarely felt it from the human race.
 Funny and yet wonderful that these people who I thought might be most turned off by my art were actually the most accepting.
   Life is full of happy surprises. I showed it to some art friends online a barely got a boo about this heartfelt piece of heart. Which made me even more nervous but still I did love what I created. I don't always like what I make but this time I do, and I knew I would no matter who liked it.Which is why I am selling it for ten grand.
 If no one ever buys it, it's stay hung at the clubhouse until whenever....
 but if someone does purchase this piece I will tithe one tenth of my sale to the Clubhouse.
 Anna who is in charge there said they benefit either way, she's so sweet I gave her a huge hug!
I believe this particular piece is museum quality. The lines are all three dimensional as I swirled modelling paste like frosting on a cake. You just want to touch this marvel in person. The faces are made with what I call the ultimate smooch and goosh technique. A mixture of gel medium tar gel and tissue paper, white , the top layer of the napkins I used around the faces and in the blocks. I used the colors in the tissue in the colors of the faces to integrate this work. Read the below entry to learn more about this artwork.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here's my latest wrapped canvas painting.

This piece is 24x48"'s and was made especially for the Granite  Pathways Clubhouse, which is a place in Manchester NH. where people with disabilities can go to search for work, find support and an environment of acceptance. I wanted it to be about perception to help people understand what it might be like to have a mental health challenge. I myself have been diagnosed with bipolar two and ADHD, as well as dyslexia, and PTSD, some depression and anxiety.

Although I like who I am and wouldn't want to be anyone else sometimes just being me has been difficult.

Like when I was in college one time I didn't drink or smoke drugs but I wanted to go to a party with other artists so I went alone to make friends. When I got there they were of coarse smoking pot and drinking. I didn't care I just wanted to hang out and be with like minded people. Then a song came on by "THE Doors". You know the one about people are strangers when you're a stranger. Well this guy who up until then I thought was very cute named "Mark" began to sing to song rather loudly right into my face.

I tried not to show any emotion but it was hard because he made me feel so embarrassed and out of place. Finally his girlfriend told him to leave me alone, and he stopped. I waited a few minutes and then I slunk away to my own dorm to my own room where I sat all night crying wondering what I had done wrong -what had I done to deserve to have that song sung loudly into my face? (Mark later flunked out and I graduated) Albeit still feeling very lonely and out of place.

When I got older I had worse depression and had to be hospitalized after several severe traumas. I never hallucinated but I met a gal in the hospital who had. She was such a nice person she had been a nurse her entire life and suddenly she herself became ill.

She had schizophrenia a most serious illness where the mind splits into it's own realm and one has no control over it like a bad trip. So I asked her what it was like.
 She told me she sometimes sees things she doesn't want to see/ scary things. I asked her like what and she said faces, faces everywhere.

So as I was making this painting/collage I decided since it is for the mental health clubhouse I would dedicate it to all those who have felt strange,left out, different from the rest of a crowd or alone in the world because of illness.  I want it to reach out though to both groups, the people who have never had these issues but wish to understand them and those who wish to be loved and understood in spite of how they suffer in or through this life.

If we only knew how other people felt we would be more kind, more gentle, and more creative in our approach to reach out to others.

No matter what their race or creed or color, no matter what their strengths or weaknesses.
 Some of the best artists, scientists,poets, song writers and dancers have had mental illness. Some of us like some of you are good mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, and we were children just like you. We need to belong, be loved and be utilized as productive members of our society.

If you give others a chance you might find some amazing friendships of loyalty and compassion you never knew you could have.

 Also remember this, the mind is fragile, today you may have strength and grace and tomorrow well you never know. If not for the Grace of God there go I.
 So if you have a mental illness remember you are important and have wonderful things to offer the world. If you don't have any illness remember where much is given much is expected, try to look outside your own greatness and into the hearts of others.

Titled "Faces In The Rain"
Asking sale price for this piece is $10,000.00.

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