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Monday, January 31, 2011

My give aways for One World One Heart!

See two blog posts down for an explanation about how to play one world one heart and a little about myself as an artist. Don't forget to leave your email address when giving a comment so that I can contact you should you win one of my three prize giveawys!

This first prize is a canvas 6x8"'s and is mixed media, titled So many Hats! I made this for Someersets black and white challenge and it was a possible but mailed back and not used. I think it's cool and sure to be liked in your home!

This is a framed tiny ornament. I painted the outside edges in Holiday Christmas color and inside I pieced collage items and the words Happy Holidays to you! It can hang or stand on its' own, as it has a ribbon and an easle type stand on the backing.

This last piece is a 2.5x3.5" Fabric artist trading card, I hand painting the picture of me with the heart onto canvas and machine stitched the word Heart Full Of Love, then vbeaded some edging and the heart. The back is signed. Please state which of the three items you preferr to win or the order in which you preferr to win them so I can be sure my winners get thier preference. Good luck and thaks for looking!! Sanna

Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Act of God

I call this painting "An Act of God" for several reasons. One I wanted to paint the face of God but to me clearly this is not His face. However it is still about God. It took an act of God to get me to do it too as I have been in bed or weeks unable to do too much because I was bogged down with swaps I owed. Well I think it was God who told me it would be OK if I took a break and let my muse be happy for a while. It was so freeing this painting just flowed out of me though it had been on my mind for quite some time. Anyways if you look closely you can see a curtain behind/ beside the face. It's mostly pinks because I love pink curtains and I felt like a nice pastel canvas this time. I also drew the white picket fence to make your eyes move across the canvas as well as around it though the consecutive circles. It's about God's act of nature. Now I may do a few more acts if God so leads me. Like the "Swimming in the Gulf" painting,but more on natural disasters. Just with a twist a Sanna twist. Hope you enjoy this painting it's on sale for 500.00 dollar plus shipping and handling. It's a large painting so shipping will run around 140.00. This is not expensive I am making it less expensive then normal because it came so easily for me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here are some Christmas ornaments I made for a few friends

Better late then never...
So far Peggy G got the snow flake, Corrinne got the star and Judy C got the wreath with the two angel girls on the front!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here's my sketch bookproject my theme is In Flight.

I only have one more spread and a biography and this thang sales to the museum!!! I'll be so happy to send it off!!!! I like it better now with the release of the birds. See my new pages if you already looked once there are at least four new spreads!

I am not finished yet as I have things to add and change and at least 8 more spreads to do before the 15th. That's the due date for this time consuming project. I fear my pages aren't as great as my counterparts as many of them have done more elaborate spreads with detailed collage or more detailed drawings but remember I got this very late in the game and was rushed. Plus I have three kids and a little bit of a life. Not much but some of one! I hope you enjoy and leave some comments for me though! Hugs, Sanna

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