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Friday, May 6, 2011

Some blind contour atc's I did on EASTER!

"What is a blind contour?" you might ask...
Well simply put a blind contour is when the artist draws from her subject while only looking at the subject and never at her paper or canvas. Thus blind the lines can be jumbled and abstract and the outcome is often very interesting. I notice when I do them they are quick and really show the essence of a person or object without having to be at all exact!
Blind Bunny(my sisters shelf)

My sisters dog Taya


Pretty Little Robin(cousin)

My eldest son Seth

Ole Three Fingers(Dad)

Mommy Dearest

Half Blind (Self portrait)
OK now you might ask what the heck is a half blind contour? Well it's when you mostly look upon your subject but are allowed to slightly glace upon your paper or canvas mostly only for position not for rendering. But this pretty much looks just like me maybe with the glasses a little crooked. It's a 2 minute portrait though literally!

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