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Monday, June 27, 2011

My eldest son Graduated the 18th of June!

Here's our dog Molly in front of the Seth Shrine!

Lots of hugging and proud moments for our son Seth and the family!

The day was sunny and happy. Here's a picture of the awning my dad gave us to keep and we used it for the party. Underneath we had the Chinese buffet. Egg rolls, crab ragune, shrimp, and chicken fingers, fried rice, pork strips sesame noodles my sister Kathi made, Chinese salad my mother made,ambrosia's, and cookies, cake and drinks galore! Sure was tasty! Here you see my uncle Brian, Auntie, cousins Heather and Mike. Heads of mom and Danny boy!

Here's cousin Pete( papa Kenny, Seth and Scott), he lives right in Durham where Seth will be attending UNH for Chemistry this coming Fall. Petey is now in Chine selling a new product he and his friend invented, it's a musical tool for healing based on the Pythagorean theory. He and Seth already made plan to go down town for Chinese food once Seth starts college.

Some of the guys on the side lawn enjoying male bonding I guess and some relaxation away from the kids!

Yummmmmmmmmmmm cake! This cake had butter cream frosting and almond vanilla pound cake with three layers and in between the layers were raspberry and fudge fillings. Seth got the chocolate cap on top!

Cousin MaryEllen found her place in the shade and camped there for a while. It was great having her here to enjoy the festivities she's always a blast and a great cook too. She brought desserts, butter almond cookies and two kinds of ambrosia's!

Here's my middle boy Danny, and my mom. They are under the awning enjoying some shade and each others company!

Now my husband was defeated by this umbrella but not my father. He finally got it to stan in a bucket full of mud and rocks!

My youngest son greeted guests with his jeep offering younger guests rides to the main party in the back!

One of my best riends from childhood Kenny brought his two beautiful children Alena and Toma and here they are in the front yard playing basket ball. It was a pleassure to have them here!

This is sweetie Preston soon to be exspecting a little sister this summer. His mom and dad couldn't come because they had an adult birthday party to attend. So glad our wee Preston could be there. We love you Preston!

We had a great time outside during the party enjoying the terrace my husband created for our friends and family last year! Soon to be where our pool is located! Here in this picture are my auntie, brother and cousin Heather!

Our neighbooor Tom did make a cameo appearance. As you can see our dog Molly adores him, he is St Frances of BallHill and Annand! Walks and loves all the dogs! He brought Seth a generous and thoughtful card too! We had a Chinese buffett as it's Seth favorite food. Tom liked it too!

It was a fun time, very sunny day very hot at the graduation. Garrett sat under my feet and I held up grandpas umbrella over him. No friends at the party Seths choice was relatives only.

Of coarse I forgot my camera at the actual graduation so had to make the boy go put back on his cap and gown for pics at the party!

We are so proud of you Seth!

Here are my side by side canvases I made for the museum showing!

These are affirmation mixed media canvases. One says " I am Worthy" and I titled it "To be loved" , the other says: 'To be Loved" And I titled it "I am Worthy"! It was fun to make these and I hope they are well liked.

Here are my yellow and cream fat book pages

For the ArtChix SISTER SITE Group!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here's my first affirmation painting...

In my life for many reasons I have been through much. Some because I have ADHD, bipolar, anxiety, depression, and some because I am just so sensitive. I was abused and bullied and ostracized in my childhood ,and very misunderstood. Even as an adult I feel as if I don't fit in. Sometimes I want nice things but think I am not worthy. Soooooooooooo I am painting these affirmations, I decided after posting to Kelly Rae that I am worthy. I also think if I paint positive affirmations I will begin to believe them. This particular mixed media painting is titled 'To be loved", and the next one will be titled "I am worthy"! I am doing them hopefully in time for a show the theme for the show is "side by side". The organization putting on the show is the Granite State Pathways a support group for people with disabilities. The place the show will be held is at the Currier art museum here in NH. I am going to work very hard this week to finish the other in time. I hope people will enjoy my affirmations and feel them for themselves as well. So many of us don't feel worthy but we are because God made and loves us all!

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