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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The doctor loved my painting!!!! Happy Day!

I took the painting into the oral surgeon today because this was the day Daniel got his wisdom teeth out. Danny did well and is resting on my bed watching game shows in my AC room.
When I took the painting in I had it covered with a sheet so the doctor would be the first to see it, the desk women begged but I didn't budge much. Showed them a corner is all. After the doctor saw it I showed it to the others.
Before revealing the painting "Systema Naturae" I informed him if it wasn't to his taste or liking I would pay the cash instead. Dr Moavenian really loved it because he had a big happy grin. He said it was at least ten times better then anything he had exspected. It filled my heart with joy. I had told him while I was painting it another man offerred to purchase it and he said "MY PAINTING!".
Then he said he was a genius, because tomorrow was his tenth wedding anniversary and he was going to give it to his wife as a romantic anniversary gift. He said all he got her so far was an espresso maker and this seemed much more romantic! He's so cute and his wife and kids are adorable too. What a nice family. I'm not sure but somehow his wife came right to the office even before he pulled out Dans' teeth. He told her "Happy Anniversary" and gave it to her right then. She loved it too, so I am even more elated. I said;"well she wouldn't have said she didn't like it since it was a gift from you", and he said after ten years they were past fake niceties! That she really liked it enough to hang it in their newly remodelled home at the lake!
I told him next time I owed him money I would be willing to stay at his lake and paint a picture of that for him and all he had to do was feed me lobster all week long! LOL! He actually acted like he liked that idea, the part about me painting his lake home not the lobster eating! Wouldn't that be neat if he commissioned me for more art, or if I got other patrons from people he knows seeing this piece!!!!! A girl can hope!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My latest large wrapped canvas painting, not quite finished yet but here it is...

OK so here's the finished piece, dead tree and all... "Systema Naturae"

This is the finished piece I cropped to be square. The rectangle looks great in person though.

love this next bit of text all about the artist and the watchers who gape over our shoulders. It's so true as I paint whenever I paint outside the people love to watch onward and make their comments. Most are nice but some are rude either way the aertist must ignore them and paint on less we get discouraged or swelled headed.
This was an accident and what were the odds? He was raised as a moslem and I a Christian and this speaks of truth and has both in the paragraph.Leading to sum up nature to me as a beauty that unites all beleivers to understand Gods' love and truth.

I added some more vines and shadows thought I was finished but now I see a few more needs. I may add the dead tree that lies across the pond tomorrow.

I call it Systema Naturae. Because the doctor I am making it for asked for any painting with nature. Soooooooo this is a place right up the road. I took my easel and went to paint. People were stopping and telling me they thought it was beautiful One guy wanted to buy it but I need to give it to the doctor. He's an American, Canadian, Iranian. If you could see the word you would see how perfect they are for him, something about The bible and the Koran and Platos and Aristotle. Doctors and nature and the center reading is about mking a picture of nature while those looker ons gap and comment. It's really cool. I got the pages from an antique book about nature. He's not exspecting mixed media but I could resist it's just more fun. I hope he's going to like it. I would appreciate all comments honestly be honest!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Some new fat book pages and some photographs;

First a few pictures I took on my walk today needing to get more in touch with the nature that surrounds me. My son Daniel is having his wisdom teeth out and I am doing another painting for a doctor to pay the bill. These doctors love art! Yeah for me! BUT this doc really loves nature so it's forcing me to do some plain Air realism. I have been resisting that because so many people in NH do this and I wanted to be different. Hope I can do a great job! I did not post the picture of what I am painting but will later. I took a picture and will sketch the initial layout from that but I also got a new easel just to plain air paint. I want to make it as beautiful and realistic as I can in the short time I have been given. I had two great aunts who did this type of art really well. Maybe I have their abilities? Dan's having his teeth out next Wenseday so my time is really limited/ must get right on top of it! Wish me luck!

Below are the four pages I made for the ArtChix sister site Indigo fat book page swap. Marnie is hosting so I made an extra one for her. Come play with us if you think you might enjoy collecting these from other talented people.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

God's Finger Print

Wrapped canvas 30" X 40"'s

I made this piece for my middle son Daniel, our math whiz! I wanted to do a painting for Danny that would be on his level. I began looking into Fibonaccis' Rule, The Golden Rectangle, and law of deminishing numbers. I found several great utubes as well as a few neat books. Right now I just want to comment on a few parts of this mixed media piece. I started out by collaging numbers from some Tim Holtz numbered tissue papers I bought from Lisa Bushes site. Then I added some pages from an old computor language book my husband was ready to throw out. I went through it and chose only pages with neat pictures about math or the human mind. Then I collaged those as well. ext I painted and added modelling paste I smeared and smudged and had some fun!I then measured my squares within the rule of the golden rectangle and went from there. The numbers down the sides are the no.'s which are equal to the ratio which remain steady after number thirteen. The Fibonacci numbers go as follows add the first number to the second and then the second to the third: like this: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 and so on!
This is considered to be pleassureable to the eye in art work and has been used much in architecture as well, like in the Parthenon. Some say as people each have their own finger prints so too does God ad some believe this particular numbered sequence could be Gods' fingerprint.
It is seen all through nature in the human body in the breaking of a wave in the shells on the shore and even in the swirls of the Milky Way Gallaxy! Some things in this piece are related to Fibonaccis rule and some are just the artists choice. It took forever and was way too mathamatical for me to enjoy making the entire piece but I am very pleased with the outcome. This is a picture of my son Daniel when he was young from my memory. His favorite colour is orange hence the orange pail. I drew some object on 140 lb cold press water colour paper and cut and adhered with gel medium... like the boy and the wave and some of the words. The top and bottom words match because some are stenciled and some are from the left over hollows of the stenciled letters. It's really neat in person to touch and see up close. I even sewed in some beads in the second one inch block. I made the white from the beads lead into God's bright white fingerprint touching Daniels head. I wanted this piece to show Danny how important he was in this world, how God has touched him to do important things. I think everybody is touched by God in some important and special way. Daniel is a math genuis and a good hearted soul so I know God has great plans for him. Like all teens sometimes Danny doesn't see his own value this is to help encourage him onward!

To read about Leonardo see below:

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