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Monday, August 15, 2011

Some pictures I took on my walk,

Lace and Grace is what I see when I realize more then me.

Just a big old tree with some missing bark and some bug eatten holes.

Some growing cones on another neighbor tree of some kind I thought were just so pretty!

I love Queen Anns' Lace. It's really a weed but quite beautiful... will make a wonderful drawing study. So much art so little time.

Below is a pretty bog common to our local area here in NH. Notice the unusual bright red wild Salvia though isn't it pretty!

I have been eyeing this paper wasp nest for days. I knew the owner of the yard had sprayed it one day and so I was thinking and thinking this might be nice to make art with. I finally went to the neighbor and asked him if I could have it? He gladly gave it to me even helped me cut it down. I asked him for a plastic bag stood on the stone wall with him and I bagged it while he cut the branch holding it down. My friends Deb and Linda both noticed it has a sad face! Poor wasps but better them then us.

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