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Sunday, September 25, 2011

This week has been a mixed bag...

This is the piece I made a couple of years ago I finally got stretched onto a frame. I will be selling this piece rather inexspensiveluy because it's a modge podeg of smaller pieces sewn together before I did my pressed flower techique.

This is the entire piece shown I may add something like antique laces to cover the stitch lines?

This is the underbelly of the mushroom cap.
Last rose of the summer.

Both of my pieces sold at the Inspiring Recovery show, but I got pretty sick on Saturday night so I couldn't teach my ATC class on Sundy been sick eversince. I am having MRI'S and other proceedures this week, hope I can lay still long enough without caughing to get them done. Gonna swig that niquel!
  I am working on making some Halloween houses for a swap and have sketched out a picture I intend to paint for my friend Jane.  I will not post Janes' picture until it's finished. Plus since both pieces sold in last weeks show I now have to make two new ones for the gallery show whenever thatgets schedualled but since I am never sure have to have them onhand.
  I went for my walk today but almost died doing it even my dog felt sorry for me. My head was killing and everytime I CAUGHED IT FELT WORSE. Hard to breath and this humidity isn't making things any better.  Below is a sketch I started for a larger work I was inspired to do from a much smaller atc. So many idea so little time.
a simple sketch
I did start thisd sketch based on an atc I made recently but niot anywhere near finished.
   Oh wait I also finally stretched a piece I did a few years ago onto some stretchers, I will post that as well.

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