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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well I took my painting to the Clubhouse!

I was a little nervous they might find my wrapped canvas too creepy or frightening to hang but after I read my spiel to them what it was about and revealed my piece they actually loved it!!!

It was a joyful relief to have my art excepted and really be liked. Even more so for some reason then some sales. Maybe because this piece is such a piece of who I am
 who we are mankind and his dilemma to seek acceptance of an unconditional kind.
 I know I have Gods' love and unconditional acceptance but have rarely felt it from the human race.
 Funny and yet wonderful that these people who I thought might be most turned off by my art were actually the most accepting.
   Life is full of happy surprises. I showed it to some art friends online a barely got a boo about this heartfelt piece of heart. Which made me even more nervous but still I did love what I created. I don't always like what I make but this time I do, and I knew I would no matter who liked it.Which is why I am selling it for ten grand.
 If no one ever buys it, it's stay hung at the clubhouse until whenever....
 but if someone does purchase this piece I will tithe one tenth of my sale to the Clubhouse.
 Anna who is in charge there said they benefit either way, she's so sweet I gave her a huge hug!
I believe this particular piece is museum quality. The lines are all three dimensional as I swirled modelling paste like frosting on a cake. You just want to touch this marvel in person. The faces are made with what I call the ultimate smooch and goosh technique. A mixture of gel medium tar gel and tissue paper, white , the top layer of the napkins I used around the faces and in the blocks. I used the colors in the tissue in the colors of the faces to integrate this work. Read the below entry to learn more about this artwork.

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