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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here's my sketch bookproject my theme is In Flight.

I only have one more spread and a biography and this thang sales to the museum!!! I'll be so happy to send it off!!!! I like it better now with the release of the birds. See my new pages if you already looked once there are at least four new spreads!

I am not finished yet as I have things to add and change and at least 8 more spreads to do before the 15th. That's the due date for this time consuming project. I fear my pages aren't as great as my counterparts as many of them have done more elaborate spreads with detailed collage or more detailed drawings but remember I got this very late in the game and was rushed. Plus I have three kids and a little bit of a life. Not much but some of one! I hope you enjoy and leave some comments for me though! Hugs, Sanna

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