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Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Act of God

I call this painting "An Act of God" for several reasons. One I wanted to paint the face of God but to me clearly this is not His face. However it is still about God. It took an act of God to get me to do it too as I have been in bed or weeks unable to do too much because I was bogged down with swaps I owed. Well I think it was God who told me it would be OK if I took a break and let my muse be happy for a while. It was so freeing this painting just flowed out of me though it had been on my mind for quite some time. Anyways if you look closely you can see a curtain behind/ beside the face. It's mostly pinks because I love pink curtains and I felt like a nice pastel canvas this time. I also drew the white picket fence to make your eyes move across the canvas as well as around it though the consecutive circles. It's about God's act of nature. Now I may do a few more acts if God so leads me. Like the "Swimming in the Gulf" painting,but more on natural disasters. Just with a twist a Sanna twist. Hope you enjoy this painting it's on sale for 500.00 dollar plus shipping and handling. It's a large painting so shipping will run around 140.00. This is not expensive I am making it less expensive then normal because it came so easily for me.

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