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Monday, March 7, 2011

I am finally caught up peeps!!!! Here's my last spread for a long time!

Well Rachelle you were the host and my last spread maybe ever. I hope you like it. I tried to learn about the play through questioning knowledgeables like Tristan- Robin Blakemen and reading up on the play. Here below you can see the King in the background with a Paper Whimsey crown. I thought since the King was an onlooker it would be good to have eyes upon his head so this crown was perfect for the job. I hand drew Ophelia and painted her with thinned acrylics. She's mad and peering through the flowers with barefeet... cause everyone knows mad people don't like to wear shoes(I sure don't)! You can also see bits and pieces of the play in the words on the paper I dyed and glued down from the tiny Opera book I had on hand. This was a great challenge. In the begining of creating I dreaded it because I know not much about Shakepear. Both times I have had to do spread about one of his plays I have learned a lot and actually loved what Shakepears makes me think about life and all about what to do about nothing. Oh and everything at the same time! The bird and the flowers bring it to life. Hope it's not too busy!

So since I did comedy and tragedy for my center pages I wrote quotes all around them with either a joy, or sadness theme from Shakespears' different plays. It's so cool in person because I sanded and made it really 3d with special textured paints like a stone wall so the faces appears stone like with indents for the eyes and mouths. It looks simple but took some time for all the details. I hand penned with a calligraphy pen all the words and sanded more and added distressed inks and paints to age it up a bit The edges are distressed Ep's too! Love those distressed Ep's with the inks to match such cool effects. Thanks for that Tim Holtz!

Instead of two pages I did four for Rachelle because I hate the thought of my fronts or backs remaining unfinished for eternity.

Here you see Ophelia has drowned and is still covered in the flowers she had been entertaining her unconsolable mind with earlier. In the background you see the Ghost father and Hamlet looking onward. I used pages from an Opera booklet I had and I was lucky Hamlet was even in there! I also had these pictures I cut from some magazine somewhere along my way they worked out perfect. It looks better in person too because you can see the Utee over Ophelia so she looks submerged in water with splashes. The embellished bird is the one who was talking to her in the play.

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