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Monday, March 14, 2011

I decided to paint a beautiful Pakistani woman...

This Painting is titled "just be beautiful" , because all women everywhere can be beautiful if they only believe that they truly are! It's the inside that makes us appear beautiful on the outside.
I just have to seal this painting and add some real seed beads to it to add a little specialty dimension! I love how it came out!

because I went to the dermatologist and had the spider veins lasered off my face. I told the doctor I used to be pretty when I was young and he was so sweet and said "you still are Pretty!" Made me feel beautiful still. It was Valentines day and I asked him if he got any cards or gifts and he said no. I said me neither but I sent out a bunch and I gave my family gifts. He said he did the same so I gave him a hug. The laser surgery was 500.00 dollars and if he missed any it's another 3 to have them done. So I decided to make him this painting and see if he might take it in trade instead. He inspired me because he's from Pakistan and he does plastic surgery. I love his personality though it seemed as if he believes all his patients are already beautiful people. A very genuine man. When I went on line and looked up beautiful Pakistani women I saw a lot of horrible atrocities. Women who have had their faces burned off with acid and other horrible;e things done to them by mad men. I had to wonder if maybe the reason my doctor went into his field was to help women like this?

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