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Friday, May 6, 2011

Four of my latest altered Cabinet Cards

This first Cabinet card is my favorite. I call it Klimt Imp. I made it for my SIL Marcia because she loves Klimt! Hope she likes it.

This next Cabinet card I altered for a group swap called Lost Art Creations(LAC). My friend Terrie Lightfoot owns that group and she recently had heart surgery. So this could be her! I thought the juxtaposition of the baby and then Adam and God touching were funny.Notice the baby's' hands, and how I painted his hair! You can't tell from the photo here but I used modelling paste for the crack where Adam and God touch to make it more dimensional then added some stains to make the crack appear deeper.

On celebrating the royal wedding couldn't help but name this Prince William and title this card, "Before Kate, Prince William was..." Maybe I should send it to them as a wedding gift?

This last Altered Cab card I titled "Gypsy Clan". The quote I used on it reads as follows: "Be born anywhere, little embryo novelist, but do not be born under the shadow of a great creed, not under the burden of original sin, not under the doom of
salvation. Go out and be born among the gypsies or thieves or among happy
workaday people who live in the sun and do not think about their souls." I
thought it was perfect for this silly cab alter job. On the back of the card I
wrote a story sort of about the people on the front of the card,... it goes like
this: This is the tale of a Gypsy family. The mother is a Luna Moth who plays
the guitar and sings around the night fire to get the camp in the Gypsy spirit.
Her name is Luna Notta! The father( who is the original cab card face), is a
man by day but on a full Moon he becomes a werewolf, his name is Lugaru(which is
french for werewolf). He is a very protective father. The daughter so far is
normal though she has strong Gypsy blood and loves to travel. Her name is
For anyone who doesn't yet know what a Cabinet Card is here's my description of one: The cabinet cards were originally used by member of the general public sometimes the wealthy and other times only for a serious event most often the death of a loved one be it child husband or wife. These were taken in the mid 1800's to early 1900's. when most people did not have regular access to photography. On had to sit very still for posing as the flash time was long. So not often do we see smiles, but often the people can be dead, dieing or already deceased. Hence may times babies are seen with eyes painted in or posies in their hands. Other times we see ghost images or props holding people up. Sometimes there are even in caskets or have a mortuary wreath type frame around their head or torso. That being because the picture was taken before hand and now the person is dead so the negative was used and then a memorial was created and mailed to loved one o given out at a funeral. They are fun to collect and some go often for high value. The ones I alter usually have a flaw so I wont feel so badly changing them up to create something fun or interesting.

Some blind contour atc's I did on EASTER!

"What is a blind contour?" you might ask...
Well simply put a blind contour is when the artist draws from her subject while only looking at the subject and never at her paper or canvas. Thus blind the lines can be jumbled and abstract and the outcome is often very interesting. I notice when I do them they are quick and really show the essence of a person or object without having to be at all exact!
Blind Bunny(my sisters shelf)

My sisters dog Taya


Pretty Little Robin(cousin)

My eldest son Seth

Ole Three Fingers(Dad)

Mommy Dearest

Half Blind (Self portrait)
OK now you might ask what the heck is a half blind contour? Well it's when you mostly look upon your subject but are allowed to slightly glace upon your paper or canvas mostly only for position not for rendering. But this pretty much looks just like me maybe with the glasses a little crooked. It's a 2 minute portrait though literally!

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