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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here's my first affirmation painting...

In my life for many reasons I have been through much. Some because I have ADHD, bipolar, anxiety, depression, and some because I am just so sensitive. I was abused and bullied and ostracized in my childhood ,and very misunderstood. Even as an adult I feel as if I don't fit in. Sometimes I want nice things but think I am not worthy. Soooooooooooo I am painting these affirmations, I decided after posting to Kelly Rae that I am worthy. I also think if I paint positive affirmations I will begin to believe them. This particular mixed media painting is titled 'To be loved", and the next one will be titled "I am worthy"! I am doing them hopefully in time for a show the theme for the show is "side by side". The organization putting on the show is the Granite State Pathways a support group for people with disabilities. The place the show will be held is at the Currier art museum here in NH. I am going to work very hard this week to finish the other in time. I hope people will enjoy my affirmations and feel them for themselves as well. So many of us don't feel worthy but we are because God made and loves us all!

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