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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

God's Finger Print

Wrapped canvas 30" X 40"'s

I made this piece for my middle son Daniel, our math whiz! I wanted to do a painting for Danny that would be on his level. I began looking into Fibonaccis' Rule, The Golden Rectangle, and law of deminishing numbers. I found several great utubes as well as a few neat books. Right now I just want to comment on a few parts of this mixed media piece. I started out by collaging numbers from some Tim Holtz numbered tissue papers I bought from Lisa Bushes site. Then I added some pages from an old computor language book my husband was ready to throw out. I went through it and chose only pages with neat pictures about math or the human mind. Then I collaged those as well. ext I painted and added modelling paste I smeared and smudged and had some fun!I then measured my squares within the rule of the golden rectangle and went from there. The numbers down the sides are the no.'s which are equal to the ratio which remain steady after number thirteen. The Fibonacci numbers go as follows add the first number to the second and then the second to the third: like this: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 and so on!
This is considered to be pleassureable to the eye in art work and has been used much in architecture as well, like in the Parthenon. Some say as people each have their own finger prints so too does God ad some believe this particular numbered sequence could be Gods' fingerprint.
It is seen all through nature in the human body in the breaking of a wave in the shells on the shore and even in the swirls of the Milky Way Gallaxy! Some things in this piece are related to Fibonaccis rule and some are just the artists choice. It took forever and was way too mathamatical for me to enjoy making the entire piece but I am very pleased with the outcome. This is a picture of my son Daniel when he was young from my memory. His favorite colour is orange hence the orange pail. I drew some object on 140 lb cold press water colour paper and cut and adhered with gel medium... like the boy and the wave and some of the words. The top and bottom words match because some are stenciled and some are from the left over hollows of the stenciled letters. It's really neat in person to touch and see up close. I even sewed in some beads in the second one inch block. I made the white from the beads lead into God's bright white fingerprint touching Daniels head. I wanted this piece to show Danny how important he was in this world, how God has touched him to do important things. I think everybody is touched by God in some important and special way. Daniel is a math genuis and a good hearted soul so I know God has great plans for him. Like all teens sometimes Danny doesn't see his own value this is to help encourage him onward!

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