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Monday, July 11, 2011

Some new fat book pages and some photographs;

First a few pictures I took on my walk today needing to get more in touch with the nature that surrounds me. My son Daniel is having his wisdom teeth out and I am doing another painting for a doctor to pay the bill. These doctors love art! Yeah for me! BUT this doc really loves nature so it's forcing me to do some plain Air realism. I have been resisting that because so many people in NH do this and I wanted to be different. Hope I can do a great job! I did not post the picture of what I am painting but will later. I took a picture and will sketch the initial layout from that but I also got a new easel just to plain air paint. I want to make it as beautiful and realistic as I can in the short time I have been given. I had two great aunts who did this type of art really well. Maybe I have their abilities? Dan's having his teeth out next Wenseday so my time is really limited/ must get right on top of it! Wish me luck!

Below are the four pages I made for the ArtChix sister site Indigo fat book page swap. Marnie is hosting so I made an extra one for her. Come play with us if you think you might enjoy collecting these from other talented people.

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