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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My latest large wrapped canvas painting, not quite finished yet but here it is...

OK so here's the finished piece, dead tree and all... "Systema Naturae"

This is the finished piece I cropped to be square. The rectangle looks great in person though.

love this next bit of text all about the artist and the watchers who gape over our shoulders. It's so true as I paint whenever I paint outside the people love to watch onward and make their comments. Most are nice but some are rude either way the aertist must ignore them and paint on less we get discouraged or swelled headed.
This was an accident and what were the odds? He was raised as a moslem and I a Christian and this speaks of truth and has both in the paragraph.Leading to sum up nature to me as a beauty that unites all beleivers to understand Gods' love and truth.

I added some more vines and shadows thought I was finished but now I see a few more needs. I may add the dead tree that lies across the pond tomorrow.

I call it Systema Naturae. Because the doctor I am making it for asked for any painting with nature. Soooooooo this is a place right up the road. I took my easel and went to paint. People were stopping and telling me they thought it was beautiful One guy wanted to buy it but I need to give it to the doctor. He's an American, Canadian, Iranian. If you could see the word you would see how perfect they are for him, something about The bible and the Koran and Platos and Aristotle. Doctors and nature and the center reading is about mking a picture of nature while those looker ons gap and comment. It's really cool. I got the pages from an antique book about nature. He's not exspecting mixed media but I could resist it's just more fun. I hope he's going to like it. I would appreciate all comments honestly be honest!

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