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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The doctor loved my painting!!!! Happy Day!

I took the painting into the oral surgeon today because this was the day Daniel got his wisdom teeth out. Danny did well and is resting on my bed watching game shows in my AC room.
When I took the painting in I had it covered with a sheet so the doctor would be the first to see it, the desk women begged but I didn't budge much. Showed them a corner is all. After the doctor saw it I showed it to the others.
Before revealing the painting "Systema Naturae" I informed him if it wasn't to his taste or liking I would pay the cash instead. Dr Moavenian really loved it because he had a big happy grin. He said it was at least ten times better then anything he had exspected. It filled my heart with joy. I had told him while I was painting it another man offerred to purchase it and he said "MY PAINTING!".
Then he said he was a genius, because tomorrow was his tenth wedding anniversary and he was going to give it to his wife as a romantic anniversary gift. He said all he got her so far was an espresso maker and this seemed much more romantic! He's so cute and his wife and kids are adorable too. What a nice family. I'm not sure but somehow his wife came right to the office even before he pulled out Dans' teeth. He told her "Happy Anniversary" and gave it to her right then. She loved it too, so I am even more elated. I said;"well she wouldn't have said she didn't like it since it was a gift from you", and he said after ten years they were past fake niceties! That she really liked it enough to hang it in their newly remodelled home at the lake!
I told him next time I owed him money I would be willing to stay at his lake and paint a picture of that for him and all he had to do was feed me lobster all week long! LOL! He actually acted like he liked that idea, the part about me painting his lake home not the lobster eating! Wouldn't that be neat if he commissioned me for more art, or if I got other patrons from people he knows seeing this piece!!!!! A girl can hope!!!!

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