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Friday, November 25, 2011

Finished my paper machee snowman heads!

 Don't they look like fun all hanging out together on these branches!!!! I gave six away on Thanksgiving day to my family members and our familys closest friends. Everybody loved getting one!
 I made some for a couple of friends I am swapping ornaments with over on the Stampmajic group.

Here's my youngest he loved himself in this picture of his latest creation "ROBOT BOY"!

The heads are paper machee as are the hats, the underneath part of the head is a Styrofoam ball and the hat is shaped cardboard as is the nose.All paper macheed over with flour and glue and newspaper and then some clay paper for smoothing after which I sanded and sanded. Then I painted and made some polymer bits, the mouth is red and white rolled and cut, and the eyes are a glistening black to make coal shapes, those are glued down before the glitter is applied to the snowball part, had to go extra thick with the glue around the eyes and mouths.  I used a special tweed like material for the hat belts, am waiting for cabochons I ordered as a pias de la resistance.   

 I found the nests at AC MOORES as well as the birds which came 6 in a box there was only one box of each color left so I got them both!

 In between the hat and nest I carefully stuffed a synthetic moss I purchased at the local dollhouse store. I could call this a seven layered snowman ornament! But don't eat it!

 Lastly I went into our woods and chose the twigs I thought might look best the arms kind of make them Cookey because the arms come out of the head and integrate the nest nicely with the twigs and bring these little gems together well.  I got my original idea from Gena Boon Curtis, she made the neatest snowball heads last year. I have more I want to make but need to see Gena's again!

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