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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here's a collage piece I made for my great niece!

Amelia was born on January 20th,2012, her own mothers birthday as well! Our niece Nicole is decorating Amelia's room with Elephants and the colors of , pink, green(sage), I think Maroon and brown as in cherry wood furniture. So this piece is done with drawings of the people in her real family put into a circus collage, first I drew the images with pencil then I water color painted them cut them out and gkued them to the background I cut from prebought papers. I outlined with a black sharpie to make it pop. Always seem to need my black!!!! Next I sealed with encaustic bees wax and encased stars and glitter inside of that. Tonight I will add pink stickles. I did paint the juggling balls and some of the solo black lines with an underlay of white acrylic paint to make the lines stand out but in a softer way. It's a wee bit busy but I like it! 

That's sapossed to be Amelia on the elephants back. Her mom is the trapeze artist, her dad who is really a drummer is on the drums, the bucket  diver is her aunt Tiffy who is studying to become a Marine biologist. Teh Ring Master is Meme, the cotton Candy maker is Grandpaw, my husbands brother, and the unicyclist is her father brother! Hope she'll enjoy it for years to come! Love you all, Auntie Susan(aka:Sanna) 

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