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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some pages I made for an altered book round robin...

plus a little tag for my signature!

For this one I used the quote that was in the book by Browning and collaged around that! I added the vintage nasty Nat poem and picture that went with and added all kinds of ocean blue papers torn and gelled on and also the word BLUE for boy and ocean I saposse. Then gessoed around the edges for then some lace and a little premade toy sail boat. Lastly I cirled around inner edges with graphite pencil and red sharpie and sealed it with gel. 

For the Rock a Bye spread I used tissue papers and leaf embossed papers for tree top and page edges. The original words "Cradle will fall" remaine and I also used thick water color paper and cut out the rectangle to place ove those words so they have more of a framed appearance. I used Victorian scrap pieces for the baby hanging from the tree which I punched holes in the front of page to lace jute into, and more victorian scrap for the baby head that's falling. I colored the tree trunk with crayola crayons and water color crayons and painted over with water and sealed. The broken boug is cut out and tied and glued down and sealed. The dress on the baby is special it's a clipping from my actual Christening gown, sadly one of my kitty cat furry babies chewed it to smitherines. I had it in my studio not knowing what to do with it as it was way beyond repair. So viola I used it for this baby who's falling, now that the bough is broke. I cut the hands and feet from left over pink destressed edges from the fancy scissor cut words I typed out on WORD! 

I am out of time but did the back of the Rock a bye page with this to cover up the laced jute from the hanging cradle baby. I want to do the other side of this spread but have so many other projects due and am working on my online painting class still! Hope Barbara likes this vintage child work!

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