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Friday, March 30, 2012

My latest canvas! It's a biggy!

Here's my painting titled "Alien to Her Own!" I made this painting because I have always felt as though I don't fit in anywhere. It's true I don't, that used to make me cry and feel so sorry for myself, but these days I have decided to use this fact to make my art better. I also want to use my art to make statements for the mentally ill. When I was young I was horribly bullied the bullies were scary horrible beasts but worse were those who could have helped me but simply became onlookers. My own father would and still does tell me how if everyone is picking on me I must be doing something wrong and I need to look in the mirror and see what needs to change.

Well I been looking in my mirror for years and like all healthy people I can see things I need to change to be my best self, but no one deserves to be bullied. I was beaten chased, raped, tortured day in and day out from age ... well young to even sometimes now.

The truth is I am different, I am very friendly, outgoing but not aggressive, kind hearted, very sensitive, sometimes I ask too many questions and laugh too loud, sometimes I even yell, but that takes alot these days. I used to cry at the drop of a pin but not anymore, my antidepressant works well for that, I hardly ever cry anymore. Sometime as weird as it may seem I even miss my tears, but not much. I am glad to be a happy person, I am glad to be different , and I am very glad to be me. Thing is I always liked being me but I used to wish other people liked me being me. Now it really doesn't matter so much if other people don't like or approve of who I am or who I'm not, see the thing is God made us all different and for a reason. I still am not sure what makes me so different but I know I am.

 Being different makes me compassionate, empathetic and kind. Sometimes lonely but  not really, since I have three children, 4 cats, a dog and a husband of 23 yrs, I have little time to be lonely. Plus I have all my online art friends and there are thousand of you lovelies, I am so grateful for you all family included.
 Truth is I don't fit in at church because I am such an independent artistic thinker not like all the other quiet souls. I don't fit in with drug addicts because I am sober. I don't fit in with skinny people well because I am not skinny:)! I don't fit in with wealthy people because I am not wealthy, nor poor because I am not poor. I am disabled so those with jobs tend to judge me and although I am a veteran I sure don't fit in with most Vets. I am not a war hero, I am a rape victim. No purple hearts for me for being raped by one of my own, only someone there to tell me I am too damaged to work, and it's true I am.
  I am not too damaged to be an great artist, a mom, a good friend, a good neighbor, a good daughter , a good sister, a good cousin,a cheerful giver,a gardener, a cook, a responsible citizen, a prayer warrior,a steward of what God has given to me, a songster, an adventurist, a traveller, a generous soul, a lover of small creatures, a seeker of wisdom, an open heart, a lover of God! 
 No matter who you are, no matter how odd, or damaged, or sad, no matter how abused or hurt you have been know you too are not too damaged to be wise and love God. He can show you why you are here because every single one of us has a magnificent purpose, even a talent we need to discover. I feel so wonderful having a passion I get to explore, grow,and share... my art! I only hope that through what I share others may also find some comfort in who they are and whatever it is they are going through or have had to face. Jesus loves you my friends all of you!!!!
 Here is a picture of my original piece of small art with the larger 24x38" painting. Atc's are great for inspiration.  Artist Trading Cards have opened many a door and window for me and my art.

Monday, March 26, 2012

More round robin journal pages,

The below painting is from the actual Freda Kahlo's work.
 My friend Sue Cervantez wanted us to incorporate Freda and Georgia O'Keeffe into her journal. Here below I painted something similar to Georgia O's work and added the birth of Freda into the vaginal floral of Georgia. I like how it came out -Sue does too!

Now below here you see I took a photo of Audry and a famous man and manually pasted Kate Hepburn's face over his. Just needed to manipulate the paper a little bit, At the bottom of this post, I show the original picture. Sue also asked for Audrey and Kate, all women of strength.
I also typed in behind this photo manipulation a bit of this and that about these two, stuff people wrote about weather or not they ever met or were related and what kind of dynamic gals they were. I spoofed it like this is the proof they did meet!

Now here you can see another spread I did which incorporates Freda and Mona Lisa. Sue also mentioned Mona so here I found the coolest picture of Mona's face had she been painted as a baby and took a picture of Freda's self portrait and made her typically breast feeding a baby she never had, milk coming out of the breast and all. In Freda's other works she often breast feeds Diego as it is thought she saw him much as her child at times. Freda also had miscarriages and abortions. She was not in good health after her accident but she seemed to have wished for a child in many ways. 

 Here is the baby body I cut and used to put Mona's head upon. This was also painted by Freda.

 There below is the mouth and partial nose of Diego with the eyes of Mona Lise, in the center I sewed a ribbon with the words "Seam In Time" centered on the seam. In Diego's mouth I placed the airplane Kate Hepburn posed with and then sewed a transparency eye lens over Mona's left eye. On her forehead I used a full face shot of Kate with her pilot goggles. The appropriately I utilized the song "Crash Into Me" with my own hand writing all around the edges mouth, eyes and face.

 Oh and on the back ground here I used sketches from Devinch"s flying machine, Freda's train /trolley wreck as well as a modernistic view of Mona as like an amazon I thought was funny!

Personal Geographies

I received my winning book called Personal Geographies signed by Jill K. Berry herself! This is a really interesting and unique book, worth purchasing. I love all the 21 different projects and Jill's special take on map making from abstract to detailed and any age would find this open to fun and even theraputic! Thanks for the chance at this beautiful windfall. I also learned Jill and I have something besides loving art in common we both lived in Italy for a substantial amount of time! I still have much to look at and uncover in the plethora of artistic cartography. Can't wait to encorporate Jill's ideas in to my own work and style! Thanks Jill and Cindy, Sanna

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something for my cousins new baby to be!

OK so these are the pictures my cousin sent me of her soon to be new baby's room!

Ans this is the painting I made for them! I used some of the ideas from Flora Bowly's class but I really babied it up into a nieve outcome. The circle is a window to the forest or the backyard and the rest go with the theme of trucks cars greens and blues. Oh and dark brown to match the wood.

A little 12x12 " painting and 1&1/2" s deep! Hope you like it Heather!

I had to recheck Anna Schüler"s blog to be absolutely sure what I read was true!

The winner

of the free Spot in Angels in My Studio E course.....

I used the True Random Number Generator and the winner is comment number 2


Susan Burgess

Congratulations and I' m so happy to meet you in the course

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Thanks again Anna for this opportunity! Sanna

I added some shadow and shading to her

Hope she's not too dark now! Let me know what cha all think please!

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Won Again!!!!!

I've been having some computer issues lately and then once I got it all working again, the power goes out! What a weekend it's been...anyway, I am happy to announce the winner of this months book giveaway! The person who is receiving an autographed copy of Jill K. Berry's new book: "Personal Geographies" is none other than #4-Susan B. (Sanna-that's you!!) Congratulations! Please e-mail me your address so I can pass it on to Jill. Thanks! :-D Cindy

  How blessed am I?? SO VERY BLESSED!!!!! Thank you to Jill K. Berry and Cindy too for the chance to win this coolest of cools!

 This is what I wrote to the group,

The sun is shinning and I am a winner! I went for a walk today for the first time since I was sick for a few weeks, tried another time but couldn't even breathe, peed my pants I coughed so hard(TMI?) just wanted ya all to know I been struggling. Any how on my walk I picked pussy willows my favs of the season as they are a sign Spring has Sprung and as a child it was usually very near my bday that would happen. So I correlate pussy willows to cake and friends and gifts and the Easter BUNNY CANDY. Especially new life in Christ. I love pagan parts of the celebration of Christmas and the tree, Easter and the bunny but to me the true joy is the resurrection of Christ, and the new life He offers all of us. This month has been truly the most amazing in years for me all kinds of good signs I can't even reveal to all of you, but they are there. This year my word is "greatness" and on my walk I prayed with all my heart to become great in God's ways.Sometimes I

don't worship Him or thank Him enough but on my walk I did, I thanked him for all the wonderful things He's been bringing my way , and I asked Him to make me more worthy! I loved this book from the beginning it's so beautiful and interesting I am psyched to get it and start trying some of Jill's Techniques! it's ULTRA COOL that it'll be a signed copy too!!!! When my son was home from school we made him write an essay for a scholarship through my husbands company and he felt there was too much competition and that it a waste of time, then I won a spot in the angel class! Proof if you don't try you can't succeed you can't win. Now again more proof!! I am trying so hard to get 25 canvases done to do a show or two this summer and this book is now going to be incorporated into at least one or two of those canvases! Yeehaaa and thanks sop much for this opportunity Cindy and JILL! And thank you God! Sanna

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a new mixed media piece I am working on!

This was made with tissue paper, acrylic paint, water colour paints, fabric collaged flowers from a mail add , graphite,black sharpie, canvas paper, and fabric tac.  The size is 8x10" 's it's a wraped canvas 1&1/2 " 's deep. Ready to hang. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm having a blog giveaway!

 I loved this Katie Kendrick book so much got too excited about it and accidentally bought it twice. My  excitement is your gain. Leave a note on my blog about something on my blog and have a chance to win this!
 On April 1st I will draw a name from everyone who leaves me a note. Be sure to leave me an email to contact you too or else I'll have to chose another name!
  This is an amazing book if you love mixed media, fabric, painting and innovative ideas!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I won I won I won!!!!!!

 I actually won a spot to Angels in My Studio! This class is five months long and it's going to be amazing! Here's the blogger addy if you want to read about it:

This is OH my Angels! I am screaming in joy and shouting I won and my husband wants to know the catch! Some people just don't get my angels! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I was just telling some friends about my joy how God is healing my heart and how art has played a major roll in that!

My one son is in college and he's home applying for grants and writting essays for schoolarships, he's a much better speller then I am! My other son is taking drivers ed and everything is so expensive and I personally am on a fixed income(dissabled Vet.) unless I sell art! So this is truely a blessing beyond dreams!!!!!

More then the money though it's simply the joy of the class I am so looking forward to this!

I'll be half a century old this year and my absolute goal is to do an art show or two for the first time since college(maybe the summer), these classes are so going to help me reach my goal!!!!! I have about 7 more canvases to create to make it 25.... yes there will be angels! Thank you so much for lewtting me play at a chance- coarse I don't really beleive in chance now do I? So I say thankyou to God and my angels, and thank you Anna!:) Sannawhat I wrote to Anna on her blogger:

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