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Monday, March 19, 2012

I Won Again!!!!!

I've been having some computer issues lately and then once I got it all working again, the power goes out! What a weekend it's been...anyway, I am happy to announce the winner of this months book giveaway! The person who is receiving an autographed copy of Jill K. Berry's new book: "Personal Geographies" is none other than #4-Susan B. (Sanna-that's you!!) Congratulations! Please e-mail me your address so I can pass it on to Jill. Thanks! :-D Cindy

  How blessed am I?? SO VERY BLESSED!!!!! Thank you to Jill K. Berry and Cindy too for the chance to win this coolest of cools!

 This is what I wrote to the group,

The sun is shinning and I am a winner! I went for a walk today for the first time since I was sick for a few weeks, tried another time but couldn't even breathe, peed my pants I coughed so hard(TMI?) just wanted ya all to know I been struggling. Any how on my walk I picked pussy willows my favs of the season as they are a sign Spring has Sprung and as a child it was usually very near my bday that would happen. So I correlate pussy willows to cake and friends and gifts and the Easter BUNNY CANDY. Especially new life in Christ. I love pagan parts of the celebration of Christmas and the tree, Easter and the bunny but to me the true joy is the resurrection of Christ, and the new life He offers all of us. This month has been truly the most amazing in years for me all kinds of good signs I can't even reveal to all of you, but they are there. This year my word is "greatness" and on my walk I prayed with all my heart to become great in God's ways.Sometimes I

don't worship Him or thank Him enough but on my walk I did, I thanked him for all the wonderful things He's been bringing my way , and I asked Him to make me more worthy! I loved this book from the beginning it's so beautiful and interesting I am psyched to get it and start trying some of Jill's Techniques! it's ULTRA COOL that it'll be a signed copy too!!!! When my son was home from school we made him write an essay for a scholarship through my husbands company and he felt there was too much competition and that it a waste of time, then I won a spot in the angel class! Proof if you don't try you can't succeed you can't win. Now again more proof!! I am trying so hard to get 25 canvases done to do a show or two this summer and this book is now going to be incorporated into at least one or two of those canvases! Yeehaaa and thanks sop much for this opportunity Cindy and JILL! And thank you God! Sanna

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