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Monday, March 26, 2012

More round robin journal pages,

The below painting is from the actual Freda Kahlo's work.
 My friend Sue Cervantez wanted us to incorporate Freda and Georgia O'Keeffe into her journal. Here below I painted something similar to Georgia O's work and added the birth of Freda into the vaginal floral of Georgia. I like how it came out -Sue does too!

Now below here you see I took a photo of Audry and a famous man and manually pasted Kate Hepburn's face over his. Just needed to manipulate the paper a little bit, At the bottom of this post, I show the original picture. Sue also asked for Audrey and Kate, all women of strength.
I also typed in behind this photo manipulation a bit of this and that about these two, stuff people wrote about weather or not they ever met or were related and what kind of dynamic gals they were. I spoofed it like this is the proof they did meet!

Now here you can see another spread I did which incorporates Freda and Mona Lisa. Sue also mentioned Mona so here I found the coolest picture of Mona's face had she been painted as a baby and took a picture of Freda's self portrait and made her typically breast feeding a baby she never had, milk coming out of the breast and all. In Freda's other works she often breast feeds Diego as it is thought she saw him much as her child at times. Freda also had miscarriages and abortions. She was not in good health after her accident but she seemed to have wished for a child in many ways. 

 Here is the baby body I cut and used to put Mona's head upon. This was also painted by Freda.

 There below is the mouth and partial nose of Diego with the eyes of Mona Lise, in the center I sewed a ribbon with the words "Seam In Time" centered on the seam. In Diego's mouth I placed the airplane Kate Hepburn posed with and then sewed a transparency eye lens over Mona's left eye. On her forehead I used a full face shot of Kate with her pilot goggles. The appropriately I utilized the song "Crash Into Me" with my own hand writing all around the edges mouth, eyes and face.

 Oh and on the back ground here I used sketches from Devinch"s flying machine, Freda's train /trolley wreck as well as a modernistic view of Mona as like an amazon I thought was funny!

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