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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's great to be 50! Thanks to my online friends!

Also painted by and sent to me by Caryl! Love it!!!
I want to thank some people personally for all my goodies and cards and paintings: Here's the list of my sweet online friends who participated,so thank ladies and gent:
Here are the names and the cards they made:
Pam McKenzie- 1962,
Sallie Rodman-1963,1968,1975, and 1998 AND ten extras!!Plus a beautiful homemade card!
Marion Bockelmann-1964, and 2005 Plus a baggie filled with rubber stamps!
Barbabra DeLisle--1966, and 67 AND 8 extras.
LuAnn Kessler-1969 and 2000
Sue Cervantez-1970,1973 AND 5 extras
CARYL HOOBLER-27ATCS including 1971,1981,1983,2001,2006 and many extras!!!!!! Two huge paintings I adore, and a homemade cards and loads of extras:)
Sabine Bush-1972 and 9 extras.
Linda Kunsman-1974, and 1976
Pam Haislip-1977 and 2004
Debyy Harriettha- 1978, 1979, and 1996. Plus a beautiful homemade card with a magnetized back to hang on my fridge!
Sandy Alfasser- 1980,1995,2009 and 3 extra
Sarah Pittman-1982,1984,1999,2002, and 4 extra
Mary Wilkins- 1985,2007,2008 and 22 extra, Plus a pretty homemade card and a box she sent all on her own! With more generous thoughtful gifts.
Marnie Blum-1986,and 4 extra
Babs Euton-1987 and 1988
Helga Strauss-1990
Peggy Gatto-1992,1993,and 1994
Joy Meadows- 1997 and an extra
Christa Bockelmann-2003,2010, and 8 extra
Tristan Robin Blakemon-2012
Marva Plumber- three extra
Karen Oulette-1 extra and a beautiful homemade card
Carol Melichiaj -3 extra
Magie Diemente-1
Suzie cross-3 extra
Janie Husband-1
I hope I haven't forgotten to mention anything anyone sent to me. I just wanted you all to individually know how special your gifts and cards and art have meant to me on my birthday and over the years! You make my life way more joy filled and give me reasons to create and be myself. Thank you Jesus for my friends and their willingness to share themselves with me! Thank you my friends!
Painted and sent to me by Caryl Hoobler, Thank you Caryl!

My big 50th surprise Binder Book for atc's


Back of my birthday binder which was filled with atc's from friends!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am back from Georgia

Climbing Up Ladders

Shamon Vision

Bucked Tooth Bonnie Lass
This is the one Sue made fo rme
Doll Maker

Georgian Cheer Leader

Bone Women

I Grow Artists
Here's Babs!
Babs cat Trixie, Such a sweet kitty made me not miss my own so much! This cat was hillarious she opens and closes doors and sit behind a glass china cabinet door for privacy!
Sue and I had to share this king sized bed the first and last night so I made her do a sexy pose.. LOL!
Titus and Me
This is a map of the water falls we visited andclimbed a little
I thought this sign was cool!
This was part of a nice ladies Lilly Garden

another sign from the waterfalls
This is a culvert right before the damn which was at the top of the lake we walked arouind twice for excersize

little yellow butterfly that was at the park

Some more of the Lilly ladies flowers

part of the earth under roots while walking all around Georgia in nature, like these little mud dingle berries!

A sweet bear painting I saw at the gallery we visited where I actuallypurchased a cute mixedmedia piece, but notthis one.

More of Ediths lilly garden.

still more of ediths lillies

another of Ediths lillies

a perfect hydrangia

pretty mountain laurel

A Swollowtail Butterfly

These appear to be rodadendrum,s planted by the lakeside

another of Ediths lillies

funny had to take a pic of this toshow our Daniel

Just a guy we saw fishin willing to be my picture victum! Geoirgians are sweet!

just a little inch worm I had to get on film

more hydrangias

a huge flower like mush room growing on the side of a tree!

inchie again!

        and I am now a 50 year young woman! Here are some photos from my trip and some art we made.

The Falls

Bridge to the Falls

We climbed this far!

Sue and Babs in Babs' kitchen

Another Lilly from Ediths' place
Above you can see this real worm
one of my dolls I made  that Sue brought stuff for! I call this my Harliquin.

My blind contour of Sue

blind contour of Barb

Blind contour of Sue with some shading.

collage I bought from the local gallery near Helen.

A lady bug planter deco Sue made with railroad track iron nails. Cute eh!

I bought each one of us a jurnal from Susan Linhart section of industrial chic stuff so we could all practice drawing! I also got us each pens and pencils, pens for the alcohol ink imagination drawing and pencils for the journal work.

This was a blind contour of the hillside mostly dirt clods and then water color crayons added later!

This was a still life we all did blindly together andcolored afterwards. I grabbed all different objects from Kathys log cabin! Thanks Kathy don't worry everything was put back nice and neatly!

This was a beautiful wild laural!

Some cool books we got on our antiqueing joiurneys in Lanagan Georgia!

Gifts from Sue and Babs they gave to me on my 50th. See the Amy Winehouse cd.. Babs loves her and now I know why. So sad she's left us but what a nice profound impact she has left for theworld to admire and inspire by.

More antiques and one sweet tatoo book from the dollar store, thanks Sue!

More antiques yuop had to send home seperate boxes to fit it all! Happy birthday to me!

This was the driveawy surface and the girls were getting the hang of it at this point they were so stuious and astute!

My pen ran out on this one I had togo run and get a new one while Sue and Babs sat at the side of the road intently drawing! See the wee pines?

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