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Saturday, May 5, 2012

This is a week of firsts!

This is my first angel painting for the "Angels in My Studio" class! Here it's framed digitally.

Here it is without a frame.

I adjusted the color because the other wasn't doing the actual colour justice, this one doesn't either though.

This is more the true colour here on the easel.

True color on the scanner but too large to fit!

So I turned it to get both sides scanned.  She came out looking a lot like her maker. Kind of like us and God I think! See her trusting the Father... holding either his hand or the hand of one of His messengers. Don't look down, look up.
   This week I had to get an iron infusion for my anemia. In the hospital I was sitting next to a chemo patient named Bob, and his loving daughter Pam. I was way too chatty because I was nervous, but Pam was very sweet. I asked her for her opinion about weather or not my angel should be looking up at the hand or down at her banner and Pam said "UP"! Thanks Pam you were right  "Up" is the better choice, looking up instead of being afraid and not trusting the situation and looking down works much better. May we all trust more and keep looking up!

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