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Saturday, June 23, 2012

This is the "Angel of Lost Buttons!

This is yet another angel from the excellent online class I am taking, his week was a mixed media angel. The teacher was Olivia and she used different things but similar outcomes. My angel is a lot different from her finished product soI would like to try again with a more sophisticated look. I am very pleased with my angel though. One of the facilitators does this angel talking called an atunement, and he talked about an angel named Chemiele and this was my interpretation of her. To me Chemiele sounds like fabric so I thought of finder of lost buttons.

Here you can see Chemiele on a wall with Caryl Hooblers works! I love this wall of art. Usuallay I have Natalie Brineys' work here but I take it down to photograph my own pieces and then put it right back on my wall of fame! Here you can see the angels 3d basket of buttons andf her real button Halo. 

Here is a view looking down on Chemieles basket of buttons.

Just another view, I had these neat sewing instructions that came with something else I purchased whatever it was had been wrapped inside these instructions and I loved them and knew I would use them for future artwork. Angels angel angels!

Here you can see Chemieles' heart which I was not originally going to put on her but in the instructions it had the words heart applique so I knew it was meant to be. Olivia did a heart on her angel too but it said blessed!

Just another position showing more of my details on the background!

Here is a close up of CAhemiele and her heart and face! I love her! She's going to cost 250.99$ plus shipping if anyone wants to buy her!

My Chemiele is on a wooden box and this is the inside of the back with more cool pictures and instructions and mixed mediapapers some with texture too!

This is the left side of Chemieles' box. I love Chemiele so much I was going to keep her or charge 350.99 dollars but I just want to see if others will love her too!

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