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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A rock,a flower and a tough woman!


These paintings are all painted sealed with gel medium and Dorlans wax. They are wrapped cavases and a beach rock ready to sell!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I think it's finished...

Native Angel WARNING: "In the future, who will ride your horse?"
   This piece started out as  ROUND ROBIN, but when it came ho,e to me although elements of it were nice it had no cohesiveness. I almost trashed it but after taking Flora Bowlys' class I decided to drip so paint onto it to see if I could improve upon what might be there. So I basically covered almost the entire canvas except for a few pretty floral vine. The tree was there but it was a Jolee's 3d type and Ac 2 metal bird charms stuck to it so I added a third and painted over it and saw the face and painted that. The wings then made sense and next thing I knew I had a story.
   There are some Art Chix collage piece there and some Victorian scrap from Collage Stuff! I knew it needed a horse rider and found this adorable Victorian boy I place him first without a glue down to see how it would go. Then I saw the story and knew what this piece was about... I bet your thinking I was going to say how the white men took over the Natives... Nope.
   See lately I am seeing so much negative new and a lot of change in the world and out country. People are afraid, people are always afraid of change. Change can be so scary we like what we have our home, cards, freedoms. The native loved what they had too, the ability to live off the land in peace. Like them all races and continents must change. The world must change. Every so often a government must change because power begins to alien unevenly even in wonderful societies and then things begin to fail until they finally collapse.
  Then we must rebuild,start over find new ways to meet basic and evolutionary needs of the human race. Not that I believe in evolution I do not, maybe revolution. People need  a few things in life to be happy and shelter, food, love and acceptance are some of the basics. An education helps as do clothes that make us feel like we are special and even fit in to other societal norms.
  Some people have these things in our society but many do not. Things need to change,people need to care about their brethren more then we have been. The politics need to wake up and see they are not meeting the peoples needs like they once did. They sure enough seem to be meeting their own.
  I don't know if Jesus is coming back in my lifetime but I sure know this..... there will be changes, and people will resist. People will fight, people will hoard, some will share.  Our horses are not our own anymore, will you make a difference? Will I?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three 5x7inch mermaid canvases!

This is showing side of canvases, they are ready to hang!

I Love You Souvenir


Not A Vegitarian!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Women of Power ,23&3/4"x35" 's my latest large work...

this is a Woman of Power, see her Christmas Cacti!

Here she is again those two circles started as breasts and they still are but they are also growing flowers and healing herds, In the background though mostly covered up I tore and adhered an entire Catholic prayer book containing things like the "Lords Prayer"., the Beatitude, the Commandments and a few other nice things like how to pray for the sick and show mercy! To me a woman of power is selfless, but knows and loves herself!

This is just a mixed media Vase of flowers and is smaller so will sell inexpensively!

Not finished yet, this I call "Native Angel", it was originaly a RR(ROUND ROBIN) canvas but was not at all cohesive, I still have a bit to do on this but it will also be  less expensive piece.

This is me and the lady who led me to Jesus when I was ten and the three angels I saw shortly afterwards. Not finished yet, but the background is totally collaged with bitsof scripture from my great aunts bible which was falling apart. Otherwise I never would have used it for collages! Better on art then in the trash!

These canvases were inspired by my art group and Sandy. We are doing a 5x7" canvas swapped themed the beach! These still have more work to be done as well! Just wanted to let you all know what I been up to lately!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two spreads and a tag for my new friend TJs' rr journal, her theme was "Strong, Powerful, and Influential Women"!

Thanks Caryl, Rachelle and SUZI for your art and inspiration!

Well behaved me, done in my style, twisted funky Picasso like nude!

Covering my privies with collage, while still allowing all of me to shine through!

Never accuse me of being well behaved, I'm way too much fun for that.

four eyes,two left hands and chubby feet and legs, yup that's me, don't forget the tiny breasts!

Twists and turns and odd impossible positions!

and although I adore Rachelle, Suzi and Caryl, please don't forget me...
This is the front of the tag I made for TJ!  I was so glad to have Suzi Blu rubber stamps on hand! They made my spread gifts to TJ perfect! 

I LLove Suzi Blus' of giant eyes and how she says she loves my art and God does too!
So I chose to do three women I consider strong, powerful and influential in my life! The three modern artists I chose are Rachelle Panagarry, Suzi Blu, and Caryl Hoobler! I love all three admire all three and am always inspired by their works of art! My good friend Caryl did my online bday party for my 50th this year and I got two paintings of hers hung em immediately on my walls to join a few o her other works. One I bought and love as well! Rachelle has done some amazing free video tutorials and got me hooked on her collage work and I had to purchase one of hers too! Suzi Blu I have liked her work for some time as well and just purchased he new book titled " Mixed Media Girls with Suzi Blu", I love it! I have also purchased some of SUZIS' rubber stamps! All three of these ladies have multiple publications and I always love seeing their works! They have also had [personal struggles and that never stops them from going forward and trying harder with their art. They are some of my inspirations! I really respect the three of them!!! Yeah girls. So for my spread I decided to try to emulate their girls and their styles! Not near as wonderful as what they do but I love how it came out hope TJ does too!

Monday, July 2, 2012

What do I do with beach rocks????

 Sold the skull, to a Dia del Morto LOVER!

Here are the backs of my ear and skull.

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