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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two spreads and a tag for my new friend TJs' rr journal, her theme was "Strong, Powerful, and Influential Women"!

Thanks Caryl, Rachelle and SUZI for your art and inspiration!

Well behaved me, done in my style, twisted funky Picasso like nude!

Covering my privies with collage, while still allowing all of me to shine through!

Never accuse me of being well behaved, I'm way too much fun for that.

four eyes,two left hands and chubby feet and legs, yup that's me, don't forget the tiny breasts!

Twists and turns and odd impossible positions!

and although I adore Rachelle, Suzi and Caryl, please don't forget me...
This is the front of the tag I made for TJ!  I was so glad to have Suzi Blu rubber stamps on hand! They made my spread gifts to TJ perfect! 

I LLove Suzi Blus' of giant eyes and how she says she loves my art and God does too!
So I chose to do three women I consider strong, powerful and influential in my life! The three modern artists I chose are Rachelle Panagarry, Suzi Blu, and Caryl Hoobler! I love all three admire all three and am always inspired by their works of art! My good friend Caryl did my online bday party for my 50th this year and I got two paintings of hers hung em immediately on my walls to join a few o her other works. One I bought and love as well! Rachelle has done some amazing free video tutorials and got me hooked on her collage work and I had to purchase one of hers too! Suzi Blu I have liked her work for some time as well and just purchased he new book titled " Mixed Media Girls with Suzi Blu", I love it! I have also purchased some of SUZIS' rubber stamps! All three of these ladies have multiple publications and I always love seeing their works! They have also had [personal struggles and that never stops them from going forward and trying harder with their art. They are some of my inspirations! I really respect the three of them!!! Yeah girls. So for my spread I decided to try to emulate their girls and their styles! Not near as wonderful as what they do but I love how it came out hope TJ does too!

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