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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Women of Power ,23&3/4"x35" 's my latest large work...

this is a Woman of Power, see her Christmas Cacti!

Here she is again those two circles started as breasts and they still are but they are also growing flowers and healing herds, In the background though mostly covered up I tore and adhered an entire Catholic prayer book containing things like the "Lords Prayer"., the Beatitude, the Commandments and a few other nice things like how to pray for the sick and show mercy! To me a woman of power is selfless, but knows and loves herself!

This is just a mixed media Vase of flowers and is smaller so will sell inexpensively!

Not finished yet, this I call "Native Angel", it was originaly a RR(ROUND ROBIN) canvas but was not at all cohesive, I still have a bit to do on this but it will also be  less expensive piece.

This is me and the lady who led me to Jesus when I was ten and the three angels I saw shortly afterwards. Not finished yet, but the background is totally collaged with bitsof scripture from my great aunts bible which was falling apart. Otherwise I never would have used it for collages! Better on art then in the trash!

These canvases were inspired by my art group and Sandy. We are doing a 5x7" canvas swapped themed the beach! These still have more work to be done as well! Just wanted to let you all know what I been up to lately!!!

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