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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Got my new Moo business cards today!

and I love em!!!!!!

Some tags I made for the Art Chix Halloween tag swap!

OK so we only needed 6 for the swap and I decided I needed to make 26 tags? Have no idea where that number came from, but I sent a double set to the swap and one extra for our hostess Sallie!
 Front of first...                                                                                        and back of first! Here I used a base on front and back of fancy papers,stamping and embossing with an Edgar Allen Poe stamp, ribbons and fringe designs,Art Chix archway, stickers, and crystal shaped black cat embellishment, on the back I also used some Zetti stamps and some magazine clippings everything is sealed in Goldens gel medium. 
Now on this batch of five I tried to use matching or connected to theme ribbons, ArtChix houses and arches, some beautiful black German scrap the skeleton foot is ArtChix as are the wooden windows and shingles, I filled the windows in with crystal lacquer.  Then I have some neat 3 dimensional embellishments like the skull over the door.
 These are the front of my first set
and these are the backs.For the backs on these I used modelling paste, and stamp mushed into them then some stain and paint to make the dripping blood!!!! I used a push stencil for the spiders web, some neat orange brads for color and dimension. a piece of candy from another embellishment package which was perfect for this tag!The cat was also a stamp pushed into modelling paste stained and painted, some wooden Art Chix houses, and transparent word embellishments from Jolee's. I also printed out some of my own words from word!
 This next set starting with the ghosts has German scrap for the window and ArtChix in the center I circled the moon which I got from Inka Stamps in Sharpie black pen giving it an artsy flair. There are torn pages form spooky old books all my edges are stained in blacks,browns and oranges. Those cats tails were a booger to cut out!!! I also used some of the collage pieces we all created last year in the Halloween swap, or was it the year before????
Here's the second set front.. Below is much of the same with extra embossing, and a round embellishment which seemed a cherry on the witches Sunday hat!
 and ere are the backs of the second set.
 The third set, this set has faux postage from ArtChix which I always have fun with, and a lot of tiny clipped and glued pieces and as said before everything is sealed with gel matte from Goldens. Love that stuff, buy it by the gallon from Dick Blick!
 the back of the third set. Helga will be getting the Witchy Women because of the spoiled Art Chick on the front! haha Helga!!!!
 The front of the fourth set... This set has an actual crow feather, my favorite number 13 saving that one for myself! Plus Cindy's Scary cat! Love that bit! I also used a lot of stitching on my tags!
 The back of the fourth set.More embellishments, embossing and even a soft attack kitty!
 Front of the fifth set. I used ArtChix skeleton and kind of manipulated it's body to fit and carry a hand painted candle dripping blood mooooohaha!!!! 
 Back of fifth ans last of this years Halloween tags. Look at the back of these I used a small skeleton, a hand painted Jack-o-lantern, and a sewed on black bat button. Enjoy!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

I gave an angel a mixed media piece at the recovery show!

 Her name is Jennifer and here is her story.

she has this disease called scloraderma and it's turning her slowly into stone. I didn't even know she had it and I was telling her about my frozen Charlotte art piece, and she pipes up "that's me .I'm like a frozen Charlotte"  Then she told me her story, about how her bones are fusing and about the pain and how she hates taking the medicine and how she tries to appear strong but that she cries all the time. I eventually stopped talking with Jenn but I went and prayed about her and God put it on my heart that if she returned I was to offer her my art as a gift.

  She did come back and I was so happy because I was able to take my piece off the wall and offer it to her. She was so happy and touched and said my art gave her hope/ I love gifting people with my art when it brings them joy. That doesn't mean everyone gets a free piece of Sanna art(only special people when God places  them on my heart. Jennifer is on my heart still and we are friends. I pray for her everyday and see her as an inspiration of strength and love. Love you Jenn. So glad we became friends.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I made 100 of these business cards at FED EX today!

So here it is my business card, hopefully it will bring me some business!!!!! I have  more coming from as well, these were emergency stock to use for the fund raiser and for whatever else until my moo cards arrive.
  The reason I haven't been on much is not only because I was ill but even when I got better I was doing so much important art. I am actually reaching some of my goals. Did two art shows last week, sold a few little pieces and four painted rocks. I should be thrilled and I am, but it also feels just a little sad nothing major sold.  I need to trust in time and my hard work. I will be loading my artwork on to ETSY soon as well. Today I finally was able to order some Moo business cards and since those won't be here in time for the fund raiser I also went to FED EX and quickly made 100 temporary business cards. Just in case people like my painting so much at the fund raiser they want to see or buy more. These probably seem like baby steps to most of you but to me they are huge steps.

I was also interviewed for the local public TV here at the last show I did and I was so nervous maybe I sounded redonkulous, but it's still a thrill to be doing these things.I turned 50 this year and my art is still developing for the good which is exciting, we are never too old to stop growing! I have taken three art classes online, Flora Bowley's, Angels in My Studio(both excellent), and now Rachelle Panagarry's class- which I haven't even had time to view yet but I will be since Rachelle allows a lot of leeway!

Sometimes in the past I not only admired successful artists but also felt a bit jealous of them, shame on me right. Well they did all these things I am starting to work on now because they faced their fears and went out and tried and dealt with rejection as all artists must. It's so hard, listening to the voices that say: "quit you can't do it not trying is better then failing." That's all a lie, not trying is worse then failing and I believe if we keep working and trying eventually we will succeed, I will succeed. God willing!!!!!

Oh I also had an iron infusion today and am dealing with hot flashes like crazy. It's always something physically with us humans.

So I just wanted to share this part of my journey with my closest online friends and say thanks to all of you who have shown me love and support over the years. Seriously without ya all's support over the years I would not have kept keeping on, so thanks!  Thank you to my family as well,mom and dad showing up at my show meant the world to me, my Brother In Law always following my art on FB, and now my brother too, I even heard from my uncle Art way down in Texas, My sister in law always says sweet encouraging words about my artwork as does my niece, and of coarse my children. My sister Kathi, is busy but whenever we talk she always makes me feel validated and important, I think she's my inspiration and I am hers.Ron my husband although  not always  understand art is always willing to carry canvases and let me buy supplies! All these things big and small mean so much to a artist like me! Recently Granite Pathways and a gal named Anna Rice who is the executive director there, she's like my mom a saint! She's been  supportive of me and is helping to open doors I thought would never open.Mike and all the gang at Granite Pathways always there to carry my canvases and say words of encouragement, like Diane who let put put extra pieces in last weeks show, and Euretta who sat with me and brought me refreshments and smiles. Thank so much everyone, Sanna 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did another art show last night, here are some pictures!

   I did this particular show at The Manchester Institute of Art!!! Mom and dad came as a wonderful surprise!  I met a lot of really neat people. Didn't sell much but am totally glad I took part. Had great feedback and was even interviewed by the public television of NH. Guess I might be on TV as my first debut.
Below are some brightly colored mixed media pieces.

Here are  Tracey Verdigo influenced pieces and a few more lil angels.

This wall is showing most of my pressed flower technique stage I invented and one angel.

A Sad Mermaid,and a Dolphin Feeder. 

 Here are some of the angels I did while taking my online angel class with Sheri Ponzi.
I call this piece "REST".

Here is a piece I titled "The Face of God", even though it's all pretty and sweet, I kept the title.

This piece is titled "Faces in the Rain". 

Here's my "Green Eyed Lady".

This piece is titled "Flight of the Blue Bird", one gal really wanted to purchase it she asked me to sell it to her in the parking lot for 25.00$, I said "no". I really need to get business cards made this week. Been trying to get some through to no avail.

This is The Rain Forest Piece I did while studying online with Flora Bowley a phenomenal artist and a fantastic class. Really helped me develop more of my skills.

This is the piece I did for the Steam Punk class I taught. People loved looking at the details inside.

This is about all those women/people out there facing or dealing with someone else facing cancer/cancer treatment.

Above is a giant piece titled "Angels Watching Angels" People stayed in front of it for long periods studying allthe elements. There a snowman cameo in this piece because it was funny to put there!Can you find it? He even has a carrott nose!

My closeup of the palette knife painting I did of Jesus. Actually I forgot my camera and Dad took these pictures for me, thanks daddio!!!

This is a painting I did in 1996 after returning home from FRANCE, I have always loved it for it's french influence see Pissaro's trees and Van Gogh's -Starry Night! Those women there symbolize all women who have been afraid or victimized ,hiding behind trees and being protected by angel / cherubs.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

After 30 years of being afraid I have finally entered the arena!


 Exciting news: my painting I did for the fund raiser for Granite Pathways made it on the cover of their CD! They will be showing this video at the fund raiser on the 20th of Sept. To raise support for the mentally disabled of NH. My painting will be auctioned off on a silent auction! I am so excited about all of this and feeling like I have reentered the arena after years of being afraid. I have to thank my dad for telling about Granite Pathways(via Pam Brown) before they even opened officially as well as Granite Pathways themselves. The executive director even helped me load and unload my canvases!!

 Here's my friend Euretta she sat with me during the entire show and helped when I had to leave for any reason by guarding my work and bringing me chocolate from the Eating tour of Manchester! YUM!!!
 Here's my painting with the CD case as the pamphlet about Granite Pathways which I folded hehehe! Yeah me.
 More of my paintings at the show last night!
 The CD case opened!
 The show last night was a tour of Manchester's eateries, and hundreds came through. I heard so much fun feedback. One of the women who really got this happening for me was named Sara Beaudry who is the director of Marketing and public relations at IN TOWN Manchester!!!!! Love you SARA!
Here you can see many more of my canvases after Friday they will be going on sale on my ESTY site more info to follow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I bought a little Felted bunny from a gal name Nina on Etsy.

 Because I had a canvas I thought needed a bunny painted on it. This particular bunny inspired me so I bought it. I think it came out sweet. Love my felted bunny too! This picture is for sale for 50.00$ that includes shipping if in the USA.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor day weekend endeavors!

This is my sister in law's father. His name is Tom and he is one awesome gardener! He has always wanted someone to paint a portrait of his garden.  On labor day weekend I went and did these two paintings a total of about 16 hours painting. Tom has spoken for the smaller of the two, so after I do a few touch ups it'll be his Christmas present.
This larger work I painted of  Tom's garden will soon be on sale! Thanks for allowing me the joy of your beautiful garden and family kindnesses Tom, Woe, Marcia and Andrew!!! More thanks to Linda to the wonderful meal on Saturday evening and for your sweet gracious children Jordan and Meagan! They are such polite and thoughtful teenagers!!!! Loved Damien's accent too and his pup. Even Toms neighbors were special people Barbara bringing me a squirt bottle because I had forgotten mine much needed to do wet canvas work, and the photographer on the other side saying kind things about my art.

This girl was done alongside of Euretta's painting, and it's titled "Me and My Shadow"

 The girl on a bike was Euretta's idea but then I drew and created the rest of this piece. I was trying to show Euretta how it was done as she worked along side of me. This piece will go into shows this week hopefully to sell. I have quite a few pieces so whatever else doesn't sell will soon be available in my new Etsy shoppe.

This is a mixed media piece I did with my friend Euretta.

 I am teaching Euretta how to make mixed media girl by her request. I helped quite a bit on this piece so you can easily see my influence. Euretta seems happy with the outcome and hopes to sell this wrapped canvas.
 The background is once again the pages from my great aunt Margories bible almost one hundred years old but too tattered to save.
I designed the girl and flowers and Euretta helped color them in and she did apply most of the background papers as well.I think Euretta did an awesome job and could easily get 200.00 dollars for this piece of art!

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