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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did another art show last night, here are some pictures!

   I did this particular show at The Manchester Institute of Art!!! Mom and dad came as a wonderful surprise!  I met a lot of really neat people. Didn't sell much but am totally glad I took part. Had great feedback and was even interviewed by the public television of NH. Guess I might be on TV as my first debut.
Below are some brightly colored mixed media pieces.

Here are  Tracey Verdigo influenced pieces and a few more lil angels.

This wall is showing most of my pressed flower technique stage I invented and one angel.

A Sad Mermaid,and a Dolphin Feeder. 

 Here are some of the angels I did while taking my online angel class with Sheri Ponzi.
I call this piece "REST".

Here is a piece I titled "The Face of God", even though it's all pretty and sweet, I kept the title.

This piece is titled "Faces in the Rain". 

Here's my "Green Eyed Lady".

This piece is titled "Flight of the Blue Bird", one gal really wanted to purchase it she asked me to sell it to her in the parking lot for 25.00$, I said "no". I really need to get business cards made this week. Been trying to get some through to no avail.

This is The Rain Forest Piece I did while studying online with Flora Bowley a phenomenal artist and a fantastic class. Really helped me develop more of my skills.

This is the piece I did for the Steam Punk class I taught. People loved looking at the details inside.

This is about all those women/people out there facing or dealing with someone else facing cancer/cancer treatment.

Above is a giant piece titled "Angels Watching Angels" People stayed in front of it for long periods studying allthe elements. There a snowman cameo in this piece because it was funny to put there!Can you find it? He even has a carrott nose!

My closeup of the palette knife painting I did of Jesus. Actually I forgot my camera and Dad took these pictures for me, thanks daddio!!!

This is a painting I did in 1996 after returning home from FRANCE, I have always loved it for it's french influence see Pissaro's trees and Van Gogh's -Starry Night! Those women there symbolize all women who have been afraid or victimized ,hiding behind trees and being protected by angel / cherubs.

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