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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some tags I made for the Art Chix Halloween tag swap!

OK so we only needed 6 for the swap and I decided I needed to make 26 tags? Have no idea where that number came from, but I sent a double set to the swap and one extra for our hostess Sallie!
 Front of first...                                                                                        and back of first! Here I used a base on front and back of fancy papers,stamping and embossing with an Edgar Allen Poe stamp, ribbons and fringe designs,Art Chix archway, stickers, and crystal shaped black cat embellishment, on the back I also used some Zetti stamps and some magazine clippings everything is sealed in Goldens gel medium. 
Now on this batch of five I tried to use matching or connected to theme ribbons, ArtChix houses and arches, some beautiful black German scrap the skeleton foot is ArtChix as are the wooden windows and shingles, I filled the windows in with crystal lacquer.  Then I have some neat 3 dimensional embellishments like the skull over the door.
 These are the front of my first set
and these are the backs.For the backs on these I used modelling paste, and stamp mushed into them then some stain and paint to make the dripping blood!!!! I used a push stencil for the spiders web, some neat orange brads for color and dimension. a piece of candy from another embellishment package which was perfect for this tag!The cat was also a stamp pushed into modelling paste stained and painted, some wooden Art Chix houses, and transparent word embellishments from Jolee's. I also printed out some of my own words from word!
 This next set starting with the ghosts has German scrap for the window and ArtChix in the center I circled the moon which I got from Inka Stamps in Sharpie black pen giving it an artsy flair. There are torn pages form spooky old books all my edges are stained in blacks,browns and oranges. Those cats tails were a booger to cut out!!! I also used some of the collage pieces we all created last year in the Halloween swap, or was it the year before????
Here's the second set front.. Below is much of the same with extra embossing, and a round embellishment which seemed a cherry on the witches Sunday hat!
 and ere are the backs of the second set.
 The third set, this set has faux postage from ArtChix which I always have fun with, and a lot of tiny clipped and glued pieces and as said before everything is sealed with gel matte from Goldens. Love that stuff, buy it by the gallon from Dick Blick!
 the back of the third set. Helga will be getting the Witchy Women because of the spoiled Art Chick on the front! haha Helga!!!!
 The front of the fourth set... This set has an actual crow feather, my favorite number 13 saving that one for myself! Plus Cindy's Scary cat! Love that bit! I also used a lot of stitching on my tags!
 The back of the fourth set.More embellishments, embossing and even a soft attack kitty!
 Front of the fifth set. I used ArtChix skeleton and kind of manipulated it's body to fit and carry a hand painted candle dripping blood mooooohaha!!!! 
 Back of fifth ans last of this years Halloween tags. Look at the back of these I used a small skeleton, a hand painted Jack-o-lantern, and a sewed on black bat button. Enjoy!!!

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