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Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Art Chix Studio is a place I fell in love with before I even knew there was a group connected to the products. So for over a year I was purchasing the collages and enjoying them so much, but then I found out there was a group too! The people who purchase ART CHIX are always the most talented collage artists out there too, I learn so much from them. One day I decided to make something special for the owner just because she inspires me so much and so I sent her what I made, all the way to Canada! Then like 2 weeks later the phone rang and much to my amazement it was the owner Helga Strauss on the other end of the phone line. She called me just to praise my work and say thank you. She is such a sweet person and her ideas and talents are abounding, that she would take time just to thank me was such a shock. Then I got to know her better through the years she is such a great business woman and genuine person everybody loves her. Since then I have been not only artist of the month at Art Chix(some time back), but when Helga decided to drop her yahoo group to go face book, I offered to reopen another. She said sure I could and we call it the all collage artists are welcome. It's for people who are basically more comfortable with yahoo then face book , but still want to play with and swap Art Chix art. Recently we did a Halloween tag swap and I sent one to my tags to Helga and she posted it on her FB account! Thanks Helga you're still the best!!/photo.php?fbid=10151314492326654&set=a.351344426653.192733.163793896653&type=1&theater

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