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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two spreads finished for Evelyns round robin Geisha journal!

Here you can see all my layering and the window of vellum, I drew the Geisha fairy house on stilts and cut it then painted with acrylics as I did with the Rickshaw. I used Graphic 45 papers I bought from Lisa Bush for the cut out flowers and the colored edging both pinks and blues. Not sure if you can see the sparkles on the fairy wings but they are pretty in person. I used Chinese lettering cut into strips as they read from up to down. I also bought a book with a Japanese story in it from an antique store up near Portsmouth NH. All kinds of neat words like Tiger and Wang and other sweet tantalisation's.I pressed on some pretty blossoms from several different embellishment makers too!
Here on the second half of the first spread is a lil something about peach blossoms under the vellum window. Lots of pretty layers and I painted the edges with acrylic instead of my usual stain because the edges were very delicate! Had to use a nice soft brush.

Here's the entire first spread revealing the bird and cage,it doesn't show in the picture but I also glued the word sing to the Birds front side. A bright color combination as well using turquoise, pinks and red.

Here's the first half to the second spread. The fairy is carrying a sign to celebrate the 'bird Song" Also from Graphics 45. The little nest is from ArtChix.

This is the last half of the two spreads. Here I made a geisha fairy trapped under the vellum and she is stating her need to "Sing her own Bird Song" The attach bird cage with the bird on the outside as a dangly for this journal I added to symbolize her freedom finally! I used a real American stamp that came out this past year with a Japanese Bonsai tree. This was my last journal in this round robin so I had months and months to think about it. I was partially inspired by this stamp and also by a wonderful book I bought my children last Christmas about tree houses. The Geisha fairy girls came as a wonderful afterthought. Again the love birds are from Graphic 45 Bird Song Collection!

This is the back of the tag I made for Evelyn's journal...

And This is the front of her tag!

Isn't Evelyn's journal beautiful, fat and juicy!!!

Here are her other tags together with my tag, so pretty!  I imagine Evelyn will be so pleased!!!!

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