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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Went apple pickin with some friends, my son and father!

 There I am trying to balance my apples and my non apples arm! Emanuel my friend who helped me carry most of the way right behind me. He's always a great helper to me. Thanks Emanuel!
 Picking up some apples (someone) kicked over! DAD!!!!
 There's sweet Anna finding out info on our picking adventure!
Thee were folks from Granite Pathways, they didn't even know I was going to meet them so it was a surprise attack!! So cool too because they were pulling in the exact same time as we were. otherwise whenever would a found them since there are three differentt apple orchards at Max farms!

 After we did that, Dad , Garrett and I went to this huge flea market something I haven't done in years! I got some stuff to make art with and Garrett got a cheese burger!!!!

Next stop was home where I planted some tulip bulbs, and then Grandpa left. Ron and I went to the pumpkin fest with Garrett. I got a few Christmas goodies, something for NATHAN.and a few others. Baby Nathan's mom is gonna love what I got him! It's darling!!!!
  We ate a cupcake split three ways and man was it yummy, red velvet! Then we visited Sensai Bob and his set up. Next to him was a gal named Cynthia and she was a conservationist,she had made the cutest little bear bats and was selling them to help fix the bat problem our country is having. All the little bats are dieing from a terrible fungus in their hibernation caves, this is very bad because we need the bats. They are an integral part of our Eco system. I bought one of the bats and I am gifting it to a bat loving friend this winter. Keep up the good work Cynthia.

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