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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas blog giveaways... just leave a comment for a chance

to win one of these canvases, they are small wrapped and ready to hang. I will choose a winner for one each of these pieces two weeks before Christmas. To win you simply need to leave a comment about the art or the blog in general and an email address where I can reach you should you win. Good luck!  This piece with the hot dogs was just fun and I found the hot dogs in some magazine and couldn't resist doing the VanGogh like background and making the hot dogs sing. I hope you all remember the song.
8x10" 's Titled "Three Dog Night, Singing Joy to the World"
 These are both original canvases one was a round robin so other people signed to back, I never thought it looked finished so I worked it some more and finished that piece below. It is about how we took the land away from the Native Americans and now how we need to think about who will own it next. Life and democracy is all about change and it's not easy to adjust but this is the way of the world. This piece is mixed media with tissue and collage bits some from ART CHIX, and some Victorian scrap and metal charms, I painted the face of the Indian and other parts. Some parts peeking through are from people who have signed on the back of the canvas! It is all sealed with gel medium and Dorlands wax.
8x12" 's Titled" In the Future"
Be sure to leave your email!   Hugs, and Happy Holidays, Sanna

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