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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Here's a 3D mixed media piece I made for my peridontist.

Here it is in full length! The tooth Fairy!I think her name is Helen. She's the hygienist to my periodontist and it's soon to be her birthday. She's my copay if they like her!!!!

The wand!
The shows a close up of her wand and the multifaceted gem I placed inside the center. There are many many layers to this piece.

the wand stick and the tooth bag , also showing one of the embedded marble's.

Her face!
This face is unique in that the hygienist is unique. She's wearing these magnifiers as the hygentists works with these on a daily basis. Hope she love it!!!

This shows the tooth crown and a larger mid section.

I found the perfect bead to use as teeth for her tooth fairy bag of teeth. The bag is 3d and pops out!

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