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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am finsihed with my tooth fairy! Well it's really a tooth fairy for Helen!

Here you can see her molar tooth crown with the words and sparkles I made on it, this piece is so neat with hidden words everywhere, embedded in all the different layers! 

I fixed her nose smoothed it with some amazing wood icing which I love to use! Her hair is made with texture from wood icing too!

Here you can see a little tooth fairy poem, there are words inside and outside of her body to integrate my work and this is something I learned from Rachelle Panagary! Her wand  stick is made with tissue paper the ultimate in smooch and goosh technique I learned from Terrie Lightfoot years ago!

Her shoes are red just for contrast and fun! Most of this piece is in purples and some pinks because Helen's favorite color is purple!

Look at all the magic! See the purple, see the white teeth she has absconded with in her tooth fairy tooth bag!

You can see right up her nose just like when you sit in the dentist's chair and you can see right up the dental hygienist's and dentists noses! hehehe

I always completely work the sides of my wrapped canvasses so that they are completely ready to hang! Sealed with Golden matte medium and also with dorlands wax.

 Notice here the words inside the Industrial Chic crystal, they say "Helen the Healer" because it's for Helen, we all need to appreciate our hygienists!
this is how I connected the tassel to the wand but I also used gel medium and crystal effects so it's on there nice and solid!

The entire work, I will take a better picture outside tomorrow and post that as well!

Showing her knees and feet, and placement of mixed greens and other colors! Each corner has a picture of the teeth inside the mouth but it's very subtle.

The top of the fairy bag with magic!

full image showing side

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