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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Not finished but here's a peek...

This is the beginning of a project I started with my son Daniel. I am bringing some youth into my studio and asking them to let go and do wild under paintings.
 I am also assisting them with the under paintings and then finishing the painting with my over painting.
 You can see peekaboo pieces of work Daniel did here in the chest wall where my heart should be.
 This cat eye is part of the under painting I did, this piece is titled"Pieces Of Me", and I love my fur babies. It's also pieces of my son though, he painted snakes and fish and other awesome shapes. I am teaching these kids about marks , color and self expression. How to appreciate the process and how to experience gettting into the "ZONE"!
Daniel my 17 year old son wants to be a policeman, so I asked him to carve the one word that would best explain what being a policeman means to him. He chose the word "Righteous", because he wanted to help the week and put criminals away from society.
 Daniel wasn't thrilled with my additions but he knew all along what I was doing, part of this process is continually letting go of our art and creating new images. All the kids who participate in this process with me with get half the sale of the painting they helped work on,to use the money however they wish.
  This painting is not quite finished yet but since Dan is wanting a special new computer which costs 550.00$ I am asking 1100.00 for the cost of this work.
So if you love this painting and you want Danny to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday which is also in Dec. email me at so we can make a deal. Sale of this item will also be a tool for encouraging Daniel to create future art, he's very talented!
  In the next few days I will post the completed piece! So stay tuned.

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