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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here my three guys in the costumes I made them for Christmas

Here they are with their cheap Nerf guns!
SIX SEVEN, AND EIGHT cutest trio ever! I made these pj's with white long johns from Wally world and got the hats from a local party store. The buttons came from JOANNES,and I glued no slip to the bottom of the Christmas sox!!!! The scarfs were braided felt in black, green and red. I suggest they use parts of this costume for actual snowmen later. Just for extra kicks I put all three outfits in separate Santa bags with  magic acts to go with the show. All they had to do was sing "WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS", on the first verse they had a flower bouquet under their hats to through at the crowd, On the second verse they blew horns, and on the last verse they had poppers to go with ,"AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR"!
Oh and to bribe them I gave them each a Nerf gun and told them they could be snowmen gangstas after they did their skits, they loved it!!!!
My guys did and excellent job! Yeah Garrett, Preston and Andrew, you made my Christmas extra special!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The two winners of my Holiday blog give away are:

Laura Dogs mom got "Three Dog Night", singing "Joy to the World"
 BeackyM. won"In the Future", but has not yet sent me her address.  I will try her two more days and then do a redraw for that canvas as I want it to be A HOLIDAY GIFT to someone who really wanted to win it! I sure hope Becky contacts me soon because it's already in it's package ready to be addressed and sent out!
 Laura's package went out today! Congratulations ladies! Sanna

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here are the Christmas tags I made this year!

BUT FIRST... the giving of the wedding gift! To Katie and Steve, our non blood relatives we really never get sick of, my moms best friends daughter. She sings like an angel and he's pretty great too! Such a sweet and loving couple and they seemed so happy to have a painting to hang in their home. This however is not in their home but my mothers,my mother has lots of pretty things hanging on her walls! Don't cha love Katie's boots!
 Below are the first of several sets of Christmas tags 6x 3.5 inches, great for gift tags or just for decoration. I made them for a swap on the ARTCHIX SISTER SITE,as well as for some special gifts I am giving this year to friends and relatives. 
 Below is a little yard angel I just had to pop in! It's so special to me reminds me of heaven, and my brother Drew who passed some years ago, I have a angel garden in his memory and this wee one stayS out all year as it's too big to store!

This center tag is for my mom , her name is Carol! hehehe!!!! Hope ya like it mom!
 Here are the backs as well because I really like to make my tags extra special I do both fronts and back!

I tried to group them in colour coordinated groupings makes em look even prettier!
 Backs again below.
 Some pink's and pastels!

 Purples and blues!

 Reds and greens!

Close up of three of my favorites going to extra special people!
Ava Maria, The Night before Christmas and Visions of Sugar Plums!
 This one particularly cracked me up ... it's Trani Santi! Wishing ll of you.....
 A very Merry Merry, Christmas, Hanukkah and whatever else you celebrate this holiday season!

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