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Saturday, January 28, 2012

What is she contemplating?

The woman came about from the inner part of my psyche I think. I thought she would have hair but then realized she was meant to stay bald in this painting. Two of my friends said they had cancer this week. One of them has been struggling for quite some time and now she's loosing  the battle. The other was told by one doctor she probably had cancer but another doctor took biopsies and said she probably does not have cancer. Over my life time I have seen several loved ones fight the culprit while others succumbed to it, it's not the easiest way to die, although it does give some time for contemplation. Is that a good thing or not? I suppose dieing is never easy but I still think I prefer to die very old and happy after finishing one last painting in my sleep.
Do you know?  What she is contemplating?? Have you been through this or known someone who has? Someone you loved dearly perhaps... To all who may be going through this or might soon I pray blessings of love and peace upon you all.

Working on some new canvases!

This latest canvas is titled " Pray with an Open Heart!" It's still in progress though -plus I notice now she has a stupid spot on her forhead I have to fix! I made her with Pencil, tissue paper and water colour on canvas.

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