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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something for my cousins new baby to be!

OK so these are the pictures my cousin sent me of her soon to be new baby's room!

Ans this is the painting I made for them! I used some of the ideas from Flora Bowly's class but I really babied it up into a nieve outcome. The circle is a window to the forest or the backyard and the rest go with the theme of trucks cars greens and blues. Oh and dark brown to match the wood.

A little 12x12 " painting and 1&1/2" s deep! Hope you like it Heather!

I had to recheck Anna Schüler"s blog to be absolutely sure what I read was true!

The winner

of the free Spot in Angels in My Studio E course.....

I used the True Random Number Generator and the winner is comment number 2


Susan Burgess

Congratulations and I' m so happy to meet you in the course

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Thanks again Anna for this opportunity! Sanna

I added some shadow and shading to her

Hope she's not too dark now! Let me know what cha all think please!

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