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Monday, September 10, 2012

Labor day weekend endeavors!

This is my sister in law's father. His name is Tom and he is one awesome gardener! He has always wanted someone to paint a portrait of his garden.  On labor day weekend I went and did these two paintings a total of about 16 hours painting. Tom has spoken for the smaller of the two, so after I do a few touch ups it'll be his Christmas present.
This larger work I painted of  Tom's garden will soon be on sale! Thanks for allowing me the joy of your beautiful garden and family kindnesses Tom, Woe, Marcia and Andrew!!! More thanks to Linda to the wonderful meal on Saturday evening and for your sweet gracious children Jordan and Meagan! They are such polite and thoughtful teenagers!!!! Loved Damien's accent too and his pup. Even Toms neighbors were special people Barbara bringing me a squirt bottle because I had forgotten mine much needed to do wet canvas work, and the photographer on the other side saying kind things about my art.

This girl was done alongside of Euretta's painting, and it's titled "Me and My Shadow"

 The girl on a bike was Euretta's idea but then I drew and created the rest of this piece. I was trying to show Euretta how it was done as she worked along side of me. This piece will go into shows this week hopefully to sell. I have quite a few pieces so whatever else doesn't sell will soon be available in my new Etsy shoppe.

This is a mixed media piece I did with my friend Euretta.

 I am teaching Euretta how to make mixed media girl by her request. I helped quite a bit on this piece so you can easily see my influence. Euretta seems happy with the outcome and hopes to sell this wrapped canvas.
 The background is once again the pages from my great aunt Margories bible almost one hundred years old but too tattered to save.
I designed the girl and flowers and Euretta helped color them in and she did apply most of the background papers as well.I think Euretta did an awesome job and could easily get 200.00 dollars for this piece of art!

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