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Friday, September 21, 2012

I gave an angel a mixed media piece at the recovery show!

 Her name is Jennifer and here is her story.

she has this disease called scloraderma and it's turning her slowly into stone. I didn't even know she had it and I was telling her about my frozen Charlotte art piece, and she pipes up "that's me .I'm like a frozen Charlotte"  Then she told me her story, about how her bones are fusing and about the pain and how she hates taking the medicine and how she tries to appear strong but that she cries all the time. I eventually stopped talking with Jenn but I went and prayed about her and God put it on my heart that if she returned I was to offer her my art as a gift.

  She did come back and I was so happy because I was able to take my piece off the wall and offer it to her. She was so happy and touched and said my art gave her hope/ I love gifting people with my art when it brings them joy. That doesn't mean everyone gets a free piece of Sanna art(only special people when God places  them on my heart. Jennifer is on my heart still and we are friends. I pray for her everyday and see her as an inspiration of strength and love. Love you Jenn. So glad we became friends.

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