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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last pieces of my New Year giveaway!

OK folks so this part is special, as these three pieces go to a second winner! Plus as you can see I am also furnishing my limited edition business card,one I made specifically for a charity in which I donated the painting on the front of the card. Why a business card you might ask? Well because along with these two original works I am also offering the winner of this second part of my give away a choice of one of my pieces turned into an 8 x 10" print! So he/she will get to choose any past work of mine that is still available for print and I will than hand sign and mail it to that winner! Again Happy New Year, this is a great beginning to start our lives a new! Hugs, Sanna
5x7"acrylic painting

5x7"alcohol ink and black pen turned into a postcard original art

My limited edition business card

Monday, December 30, 2013

Adding some of my art to the giveaway!

and a few other bobbles as well! Not one or two or even three or four, but five hand drawn , and hand made artist trading cards by moi!!!! Just leave a comment here on my blog with your email and I will draw a name at random on the first of 2014 for one lucky winner to take all!

Be mine!

Steam punk

Hand painted

scratch art
Snowpeople scraps
seven blank tags
A Valentine and her empty hutch with hearts strung along the top!
So many goodies!!!

Plus this nifty tin to alter and a few bobbles for your art projects as well!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Adding more gifts to the lucky winner!

Hanging heart!
Just add a comment to my blog and don't forget your email for a chance to win all these goodies on the first day of 2014!
Two RubberstampMadness Magazines

One Claudine Hellmuth book

A medium set of snow people salt and pepper shakers

Hearts and pictures for your art work

A Minni set of shaker snow people!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adding to my give away!

Ok folks I am adding several new goodies that will go to one big winner! In order to win you must leave a comment here on this blog entry! When you do be sure to leave your email so that I can contact you if you are the lucky winner! I have decided you will get not one salt and pepper snow man and woman set but two! Both sets are pictured here! Plus the three wonderful books and magazine I have posted above as well!! Good luck, and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

My word for the year of 2014.

 For the past couple of years I have been choosing one word to sort of symbolize my goals, hopes or dreams. Choosing one word is kind of like asking God to take that word and teach you from it, and it's also a way of setting a goal or a focal point to your life for the year. Not something magical or unapproachable, just an opportunity for change.
  You don't have to choose a big or scary word but ya can if the feeling strikes. Like my word last year was "GREATNESS"! What did I learn though? Humility. What to choose this year then, a big word to learn how to be little, a little word to learn how to be big?I have thought about possibilities like: loyalty,faith, strength, justice, holiness, change. calmness, trust, there are so many good choices.
  I did get an auditory bible for Christmas which I intend to listen to in full. Does that sound overwhelming to some people? It does to me a little bit, but not as overwhelming as reading it from cover to cover. I am definitely more of a kinetic learner. So hearing and visualizing work better for me than simply reading on and on, although I have always respected good readers. Those people who love to read have such wonderful vocabularies and are interesting to learn from. They know a lot of things those who don't read a lot can't possibly learn as quickly. Very cool for me to be alive in the age of technology an audio bible what could be better?
  Alrighty then so my word for the year is going to be" BEGINNING"! I chose this word because the very first scripture in the beginning of the bible says: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1.1
   I also chose the word "Beginning" because I was praying about what word to chose and contacted Leslie Riley for a project she is doing on an  Illustrated quotes book. She gave me a choice of two quotes and the one I chose was so related to this but I cannot tell anyone yet what it is. it's definitely related to my process for this year though, of that I am certain!
  So here's to new beginnings and beginning where you are starting from here to the New Year to each new day. My we all learn to see each end as a new beginning, for when God is making us into His image every moment is new.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Christmas eve day people!

 SO I have a few things to talk about!!!! One I want to praise God for sending His son down as a tiny human baby just so that one day He could grow up and die on the cross for me(FOR US), and He would come to us this way... He could have come anyway He wanted or could have chosen to let us all condemn ourselves to a life of slavery to sin.
    He didn't though, instead He came as a bitty baby born to a something like 12 year old girl named Mary. I always knew she was young, but until this week always thought she was more like 14 or 16 years old. Truth is back then a girl was betrothed as soon as she was able to conceive helping  her be safe and stay pure. Imagine what it must have been like for her, so young being told by God Himself you were going to give birth to the Christ Child. I can't even tolerate a jagged fingernail.
  I wonder if Jesus knew He was God at birth? Did He realized why the wise men came, that and angel was over him, over the Manger He was born in because there was no room in the Inn?  Did He know when He was two, and king Herod had all the firstborn  boys murdered why he was spared? Did He ever tell his mommy "NO"? Maybe if she asked him to do the wrong thing, right?
    This year I didn't make any cookies or even take all the decorations out of my boxes. I only made gifts and snow people for others and to sell to help raise money to possibly go to Africa(God willing)! Funny my word this year was "Greatness" and my greatest lesson was humility.  Meeting the sweetest children from Uganda and seeing how kind and humble and full of joy they are really changed my perspective, and opened my eyes to the still possibilities that "yes" God can even use me.
  We are never too old to do His will, to be what He expects us to be. Sure I am not completely clear on everything He wants for me, but finally getting an understanding that He sees me a a person of value even when I do not. My greatness doesn't come from what I achieve or do in my life... it comes from a state of humility in seeing what He did in His life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having a heart ready to do His will and share His Gospel with others. The same hope He gave to me so long ago when I was just a ten year old girl.
    I have known He was there for a long time routing for me -in my corner and protecting me for some reason. I knew it had to do with art, and healing and sharing with others the gifts He so graciously bestowed upon me. He has also given all of us gifts to share with others and sometimes/ most times it has nothing to do with money. Not being able to make a lot of money I became discouraged, though I did not give up. Part of the gift He has given to me is a passion to create, and even in my darkest times that light never expired.
    Giving to others is something I have always enjoyed doing, and there were times I actually thought I had nothing to give. Just so you all know (if anyone is reading my blog), we all have something to give to others even if we are dirt poor or handicapped /disabled , even if we feel like social teeny people. God has given us each something special to share, and so this year I am going to stay focused on sharing with others, while God molds me into the person I am to become.
   Seriously praying for the possibility of doing missionary work in Uganda with  Art and Healing and mainly with the power of Christ. The power that allows us all to forgive to be forgiven and to change
He came as an innocent  baby, and died with a crown of thorns
 into the person we were meant to be, the person God intends for each one of us to become. Not because I am better than anyone else, rather because I am not and God can still use me anyways!  Not only in spite of my flaws but because of them. People can say hey look at Susan, she had and has all these issues and still God has called her to serve Him!!! 
    This year for Christmas I have asked for the bible on audio, because I hate reading most of the time, this is going to be a real blessing for me. I am going to play His word day and night, night and day, until I have heard the entire bible.While I do so I intend to do some allegory scenes in my artwork in relationship to what I am hearing. I want God to be in the center of everything I do, everywhere I go and all my coming goals. My greatness needs to come through and only through His! My passion for art still exists but I want it to coexist with God's plan for my life.  If I could learn how to serve Him before I die I will be so much more fulfilled!!!!
   When God uses me to bless His kingdom life suddenly feels worth while like never before, it's like a rush of love and purpose soaring through the center of my being. All the things the world expects of me suddenly fade into the background of what used to be important and I am made whole. Make me whole this year Lord all day everyday. Help me to love your children more, seek your face harder, and put all my loyalties right where they belong.
  If Mary could trust and obey God, and if Jesus (who is God in human form)could come as a baby just to die for my sins, then I now see no reason at all why you cannot conform me. All day everyday for the rest of my life!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wanna win some prizes on the very 1st day of the year?

OK I have some prizes for you to win! Simply leave a comment about my blog or our friendship and I will put your name in a random draw. What will you be winning you ask???? Here's what you could win...
I will be adding more  to the bootie as the day draws near! Be sure to leave an email for contact info in case you should win!

More snow people! Go Sox!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah!
My middle son wants to be a police man and so I made this couple!
 They actually have wire in the arms so they could bend at an angle and stick out straight!

These three were odd shakers without pairs so I made them a little trio family!

I left the face unpainted on this one because I liked it's strange center line, Sort of day of the dead looking?

These hats lended themselves into being sweatshirt people!

Behinds of Mr. and Mrs. Clause!

In person he looks like he is in love!

These are oprettier in real life nice tecties!

I did the emblem on hats  and back with water color paper and a sharpie! 

Go Sox! We are the champions!

These are Princess house crystals shaklers I believe!

Seth thought of this idea!

This couple looks like my husband and I!
Little woolen bulap's!

Backs of the maestros!
And yeah I am finished! Now I get to decorate the house!  Hang up cards and make some cookies!

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