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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!

It's not about the bunny!
 But the bunny sure is fun to eat!  Today is MONDAY THURSDAY, the day we morn the coming death of Jesus. Tomorrow is Good Friday! Called that because without His love and blood being shed for us all we would not have forgiveness. For the things we do that aren't so good our own sin.
  Easter is a time to celebrate though how Christ did not stay dead but rose from the grave, came back from fighting the devil in hell and dieing from our sins. Life is new as are we who live in Him! We are forgiven from our horrible sins and able to live a new life through the love  Christ has for us. As He died for our sins and rose again so we die to our sins and live a new life in Christ. Making us capable of having love for all human beings.
  I personally excepted Christ into my life 40 years ago and then recommitted my life to Him 31 years ago, thank you Jesus! I get to live my life a new every day knowing He loves us no matter what we have done in the past, that and He gave me the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. The Spirit He left with us after He rose and went back up to heaven with the Father. Therefore we are never alone, now we have His forgiveness and His Holy Spirit. Just believe this and He will also enter into your heart,you can have this great love too!
  Plus you're all invited for cake! Hugs, Sanna

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My latest art piece, is a beautiful mixed media.

This is mixed media on cold press paper

Graphite, pencils, paints, collaged background papers, stamps white and black inks

 I added a sweet crocheted flower and a sewn on button to her hat!

The quotes are all from Rumi and have something to do with flowers. 

Here you see the entire work and the size is 12x18, on 140 pound paper! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I opened my ETSY store

I am hoping people will like my art enough to purchase originals and prints. Yes I now have prints available as well. They are available in three sizes small medium and large. Available in Giclee, stretched canvas and in wrapped canvas. All prints will be signed by me and number in limited editions 1-100, then they will be discontinued! This will keep the value of a signed print. Sizes are basically available in these orders for wrapped canvas small 8x10 for 60.00$, medium 11x14 for 140.00$ and large 16x20 for 160.00$. Giclee prints in paper of the highest quality prices are 24.00, 45.00, and 100.00, stretched canvases are 40.00, 75.00 and 125.00. If you are interested and have any questions email me here at :  I will answer any questions and try to accommodate all orders.
  Here's my ETSY location and art pieces currently available: . I ask for Gods' blessings and will be tithing at least ten percent of all sales to local churches.
  I currently donate to worthy causes both artworks and proceeds for nonprofit orgs. However I do hope to make profit enough to also help my children through college as well as purchase new art supplies for future works. I hope my art brings you joy and a new perspective, Sanna
Love and Connections

I am also available in prints"MEOW"!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some Easter tags

I made these for swaps and gifts for family and friends! Two are for giveaways one for a fb giveaway and the other a LIFE BOOK 2013 giveaway! 



This one with the chick is my favorite!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Three farm ATC's I made for a friend!

This first one was a magazine picture with a hen and her chick and I added the background and painted over the top.
Get Ova Hea!
  The second one I collaged pieces onto the background and then added a Jolee's barn and painted trees gessoed over it a bit in the back ground and then got a clipping form online of Gideon and Mary, thus placing the Jolee's pitch fork in his hands to make it pop 3d!

Original American Goths!
  This last one was a farm stamp I bought a while back I painted the sky and ground then stamped on the farm stamp and afterwards painted over that! ,making the barn red etc etc etc..., finished it up to make it fun with the Jolee's wheel barrow and then added some painted weed to match the background into the wheel barrow.
Weeding the Gardens
She likes farm and chicken cards so I made her these three. I also sent her another little gift to go along with them. Just a little something hope she likes em!

I think this one needs more white...

Not sure why this particular piece is making me work so hard on it?

I drew these pictures using samples from a magazine, then

The face on this one is a magazine paint over but the rest is all my drawing and ideas! Can't wait to try this again.
I elongated the figures and drew them in my own way.

This painting/drawing is all about having the courage to be successful.

All about returning to Love ourselves, when especially as women we are taught to shrink down in order to make others comfortable. Taught to think being familiar with failure is because that is when in reality we are all born to be wildly successful. So here I take Marium Williamsons' writing and turn it into my own art.
This picture is dramatic because it has my cats shadow in it, he loves chasing light and the flash put him on the attack!

I added multiple layers in this piece you can see their pants are made up of small print Marium Williamson words.

Here you can read the words I wrote and painted and drew on with pen pencil and paint! Plus torn pieces of poem and in the background a few of my own painting's that were shrunken and gessoed on top of for distant effect.

I made these words darker as I wanted them to be noticed

Not sure I like her wearing boots but she is a bit like the shrunken flower so she had to cover up more.

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