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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!

It's not about the bunny!
 But the bunny sure is fun to eat!  Today is MONDAY THURSDAY, the day we morn the coming death of Jesus. Tomorrow is Good Friday! Called that because without His love and blood being shed for us all we would not have forgiveness. For the things we do that aren't so good our own sin.
  Easter is a time to celebrate though how Christ did not stay dead but rose from the grave, came back from fighting the devil in hell and dieing from our sins. Life is new as are we who live in Him! We are forgiven from our horrible sins and able to live a new life through the love  Christ has for us. As He died for our sins and rose again so we die to our sins and live a new life in Christ. Making us capable of having love for all human beings.
  I personally excepted Christ into my life 40 years ago and then recommitted my life to Him 31 years ago, thank you Jesus! I get to live my life a new every day knowing He loves us no matter what we have done in the past, that and He gave me the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. The Spirit He left with us after He rose and went back up to heaven with the Father. Therefore we are never alone, now we have His forgiveness and His Holy Spirit. Just believe this and He will also enter into your heart,you can have this great love too!
  Plus you're all invited for cake! Hugs, Sanna

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