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Sunday, March 24, 2013

I opened my ETSY store

I am hoping people will like my art enough to purchase originals and prints. Yes I now have prints available as well. They are available in three sizes small medium and large. Available in Giclee, stretched canvas and in wrapped canvas. All prints will be signed by me and number in limited editions 1-100, then they will be discontinued! This will keep the value of a signed print. Sizes are basically available in these orders for wrapped canvas small 8x10 for 60.00$, medium 11x14 for 140.00$ and large 16x20 for 160.00$. Giclee prints in paper of the highest quality prices are 24.00, 45.00, and 100.00, stretched canvases are 40.00, 75.00 and 125.00. If you are interested and have any questions email me here at :  I will answer any questions and try to accommodate all orders.
  Here's my ETSY location and art pieces currently available: . I ask for Gods' blessings and will be tithing at least ten percent of all sales to local churches.
  I currently donate to worthy causes both artworks and proceeds for nonprofit orgs. However I do hope to make profit enough to also help my children through college as well as purchase new art supplies for future works. I hope my art brings you joy and a new perspective, Sanna
Love and Connections

I am also available in prints"MEOW"!


Mary said...

I love what you are doing with your Etsy shop. I want the kitty cat you did, but will have to wait awhile.

I keep you in my prayers on this among other things.

Masako said...

Don't worry Sanna, I think your prints are quite lovely. With Etsy, it's not enough to just have a store; you also need to make it more known. You can open a Facebook page for your Etsy so more people can see your prints, or you can join other groups in Etsy with specific categories in merchandise. Selling online has its own set of challenges, like doing the right kind of advertising so people will know where to find your store.

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